Assignment Calendars

  •  These calendars are subject to change.  And will be updated as quickly as possible.


    September 2020

    October 2020




    Homework:  I will give students time during class to complete assignments.  They may not always have enough time to finish their assignment.  In which case, they will take home all unfinished work as homework.  If your child gets home and is having trouble with a couple questions and you are unable to help them, please have them complete what they can then bring the unfinished questions to math class.  I never want a child to spend all night stressing over a particular assignment.  I would much rather them bring it to class the next day and we go over it together.

    If your child does not have homework or you are looking for extra help, please have them work on prodigy.  It is a computer/internet program.  The link is above.  They can do it on a computer or on an iPad.  It has helped several students improve their overall math skills and grades quite a bit!