Awesome Websites

    Practice School Concepts at Home!

    These websites encourage learning by incorporating educational material into a fun interactive program.
    Each website is researched based and shown to be academically beneficial.
    You can access all of the websites we use in the classroom through Clever.
    Here is a handout on Clever and the specific apps I have on Ms. Trump's Class Page: Clever Handout
    Lexia is a reading program that targets the child's individual skills beginning with pre-K skills and continuing to upper-grade skills.  To login, click the Lexia Link above. Once on the Moore School District Lexia Login (the link provided by clicking the icon), enter the student's username (FirstnameLastname) and the password (Student Lunch Number). The Lexia program will work with your student by targeting skills that need more practice. It is important that you do not assist your child with these online activities- your help will cause the program to think the student knows more skills than they are ready for; this may cause frustration for your child as the program progresses through skills. 
    Prodigy Icon
    Prodigy is a math program that allows students to learn math in a video-game-like format. The students love it! To login, click the Prodigy Link above. Once on the website, enter the students username (Letters and numbers provided by the teacher- if you need this let me know!) and the password (Student Lunch Number). 
    MobyMax Icon
    MobyMax is an all inclusive (reading, spelling, math, science, and social studies) program that teaches at it goes. The program teaches the student, allows for the student to provide feedback and immediately corrects incorrect answers. To login, click the MobyMax Link above, this will take you directly to our classroom's MobyMax account. Click on the student's name. The password is set up as a pair of images that your student chose at the beginning of the year (most of the students remember the images they chose). If you need the images let me know.
    ABC Mouse icon
    ABC Mouse is an early learning program that helps students learn in a fun environment. The students are given tickets for activities completed that may be applied towards fun items to place in their ABC Mouse room. To login, click the ABC Mouse Link above, then click the "Log In" button on the upper right corner. The website prompts for an email and password. The parent chooses the email and password upon the initial login. If you do not have an account, please notify me so I can get a free account for you. If you forget which email address you used, I can look that up. If you forget your password, you will have to follow the "Forgot Password" link because I do not have access to this.