Teacher Contact

    My plan time is from 10:50 - 11:40 each day. If you have any questions about the information above, or any time you may want to speak to me, please contact the school at 735-4500, by email at laratipton@mooreschools.com or through Bloomz.

    Comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, reasoning skills, and reading strategies are stressed in third grade using literature books, readers, and a variety of enrichment materials.  Accelerated Reader (AR) is a strong component of our reading program.  We will be taking the STAR test within the first two weeks of school.  This test results will assign your child his/her reading level and your child may choose an AR book in their level to read and test over. Please encourage your child to read at least 30 minutes daily. I will be sending you more information on AR reading and student contracts in the near future.  Monday through Thursday, we have vocabulary-building activities using words that are associated with the reading material for the week.  On Friday, there will be a vocabulary test over these words as well as a reading comprehension test over our story. 


    Math will be taught using the Pearson Envision math program.  Our district has a pacing calendar of objectives that is to be taught daily.  I will follow the calendar religiously so I can cover all Oklahoma Standards that will be tested on the CRT in April.  We will begin working on place value, addition, subtraction, time and money.  Any activity such as flash cards, games, or computer games that you can do at home to enhance these skills is greatly appreciated.  As always in third grade, multiplication will be a big focus.  We will begin multiplication facts in September and practice continually until the end of the school. It is important that every student master their multiplication math facts from 0-12 by the end of the third grade year.  Students who have mastered these facts will attend a Sundae party to celebrate their success.


    Students will continue the study of oral and written language.  Our emphasis will be on using the writing process to write for different audiences and purposes.  Your child will keep most of his or her writing in a spiral notebook that is kept at school.  Students will also study six of the eight parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and conjunctions).


    I will be sending home a spelling and vocabulary list every Monday in your child’s “Homework Folder.” If your child loses their list, please have them ask me for another one. 


    Centers are-high interest activities that work on various skills that are being taught in the classroom.  Centers are a terrific time for children to work in cooperative groups and have hands-on experiences.  During our center rotations, students will also participate in small guided reading groups.


    Our class will go to the computer lab three times a week for 40-minute sessions and work in a computer curriculum program called Success Maker.  Your child will work on various reading and math skills on his or her ability level.  When a skill is mastered, the program moves them to the next level in the program.
     All transportation changes must be made by writing a note in the daily agenda, by email or by notifying the office.  We cannot take your child’s word! In case of an emergency, call the office to notify us of a change.

    Homework will consist of 30 minutes of nightly reading, studying spelling words and vocabulary words and any unfinished daily work.  Test prep study packets will be sent home each evening in the second semester to prepare students for the state test.

    Daily Folder 

    The students will bring home a folder daily that includes an agenda that is to be  initialed by the parent daily.  Any homework to be completed will be noted in the agenda.


    Good behavior is expected and important to ensure a productive learning environment. When a student is caught with a good attitude, appropriate behavior, or being productive in our classroom community they will earn a bronco buck.  Attitude is how the student reacts to their peers, teachers, and schoolwork.  Behavior is how the student behaves toward others and the ability to follow school and class procedures.  After the student receives 20 Bronco Bucks, they may choose a coupon that contain fun privileges each child enjoys.  When a student chooses not to follow classroom rules and expectations, consequences will occur.  First, a verbal warning.  Second, students will be given a popsicle stick that will be placed behind their number on a number chart.  For each stick earned the student will have to pay back two of their bronco bucks.  If a student receives three sticks in one day a note will be sent home to the parent and marked in the behavior calendar attached to the Thursday folder.

    Thursday Folder 

    On Thursday, all checked work for the week will come home.  Please take a few minutes to look through this work, give praise where praise is due, and talk with your child about any problem areas.  Also in this folder will be any notes for the week from school.  PLEASE initial and return your child’s folder on Friday.  This lets me know you received the important notes and papers.

    Late Work or Lost Papers 

    If your child loses his or her paper, there sometimes extra papers and your student will need to ask me for a copy.  For each late paper, 11 points will be subtracted.  If a paper is more than three days late, work will be checked for completion and a 50% grade will be given.  I understand that circumstances arise; however, each student is responsible for turning the work in on time.  Please inform me of any circumstances.  We will be working very hard to keep your child organized so that this should not be a problem. 

    Behavior Calendar

    This will come home in the Thursday Folder each week.  If there has been no problem for the day, a sticker or stamp will be there.  If there has been a problem, there will be an explanation of any unacceptable behavior.  Please review this calendar carefully each week and initial in the appropriate place. 

    Parents may send in store bought cupcakes or cookies for your child’s birthday.  We will celebrate this occasion in the afternoon.  Please bring enough for 23 students.  Do not send in any snacks with peanuts due to allergies.