• Testing


    Kristy Hernandez, Director, Student Services is the District Test Coordinator. The department is responsible for receipt, accountability, distribution, forwarding and testing compliance of ALL state-mandated testing.




    There are two types of assessments within the Oklahoma School Testing Program for Grades 3-8 and College and Career Readiness (CCRA) tests for juniors in high school.
    All are aligned for the school year to the state-mandated core curriculum, the Oklahoma Academic Standards. The 2 assessments include the following:


    -Oklahoma State Testing Program (OSTP) General Assessments. These assessments are intended for Grades 3-8 in various subjects and the ACT, science, and US history tests. Starting with the graduation class of 2023 year, students must complete all CCRA tests


    - Oklahoma Alternate Assessment Program (OAAP) Portfolio. Developed for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities.


    Students who are English Language Learners are required to demonstrate proficiency and progress in English. The ACCESS test is required by federal legislation and is administered in the spring.