• Testing


    Kristy Hernandez, Director, Student Services is the District Test Coordinator. The department is responsible for receipt, accountability, distribution, forwarding and testing compliance of ALL state mandated testing.




    There are two types of assessments within the Oklahoma School Testing Program for Grades 3-8 and End-of-Instruction secondary level tests.
    All are aligned for school year to the state-mandated core curriculum, the Priority Academic Student Skills. The 2 assessments include the following:


    -Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests (OCCT) General Assessments. These assessments are intended for Grades 3-8 in various subjects and the seven EOI assessments. For the 2012-13 school year, Grades 5 and 8 will have a writing assessment conducted in April 2013 with the remaining tests in April and May.


    - Oklahoma Alternate Assessment Program (OAAP) Portfolio. Developed for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities.


    A program funded by Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education for all 8th graders, the EXPLORE provides students with information needed to prepare for future academic and career success. It also provides a link to the PLAN test. This test is used to develop a student's plan of study for high school.


    Students who are English Language Learners are required to demonstrate proficiency and progress in English. The ACCESS test is required by the federal No Child Left Behind legislation and is administered in the spring.