• What are Vouchers/Education Savings Accounts:

    Vouchers would potentially take your tax dollars from Moore Schools (public education) and create two school systems funded with public money:  one public and one private.

    Here are some facts about what could happen to Moore Schools if vouchers move forward in Oklahoma:

    Fact 1.

    Academic Services. Vouchers/Education Savings Accounts would require Moore Schools to provide the same high quality academic services with an additional budget reduction to an already limited budget.
    Fact 2. 

    Academic Accountability.  Moore Schools are governed by both federal and state laws that hold educators accountable for the academics of ALL students.  Private schools that could receive public funds from vouchers are not held to the same academic requirements.

    Fact 3.

    Financial accountability.  Moore Public Schools is governed by a publicly elected board of education that is held accountable for EVERY dollar of public funds spent.  Most private schools are largely un-regulated and would not be limited in how they spend voucher money or be required to account for expenses. 

    Fact 4.

    Sanctions.  Moore Schools must give state mandated tests, adhere to state adopted academic standards and face sanctions if students aren’t performing well.  Private schools would not be subjected to the same reporting requirements or mandates even though they have received public taxpayer funds.