• Course Description

    The goal of the Central Junior High Science Department is scientific literacy for all students. 8th grade science is designed as an integrated program of life, earth, and physical sciences as well as engineering practices. Our basic objectives are determined by the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science (OAS-S) which can be found here.


    Students will take a state-mandated science test in April, however my primary goal is to prepare students for academic success in high school and beyond. To achieve this goal students will be learning more in-depth information than indicated in the OAS-S standards.


    Class Policies

    Respect the rights and property of others.

    Cooperate with adults and your classmates.

    Carry out your responsibilities as a student.



    Students will need (2) composition notebooks and the CJH Student Tool Kit.




  • science in progress

  • *Students enrolled in Honors 8th Grade Science will have more individual responsibility for learning materials, will explore each concept in greater depth, and will be required to complete a research project.