• *Cell Phones must be OFF in your Pencil Bag or Purse, or of course in your locker.


    Rule #1: Cell phone ringers must always be turned off and cell phones must be put on the classroom cell caddy; away from all students, when they are not being used for class purposes.

    Rule #2: All media and messages must be course related and used for academic/learning purposes.

    Rule #3: Know your data plan! Please discuss your data plan with your parents/guardians to make sure that you don’t incur additional charges for using your cell phone in the classroom (school/district is not responsible for additional charges incurred for use during school).

    Rule #4: Be responsible for your own property - label your phone for identification purposes (school/district is not responsible for lost or damaged property).

    Rule #5: Any occurrence (or suggestion of occurrence) of bullying, harassment, cheating or any form of inappropriate use of cell phone and social media will not be tolerated. Student will immediately lose usage privileges and be subject to school, district and legal consequences if found guilty of any offense.

    *Any student(s) who does not abide by classroom, school or district policies for using personally-owned devices (including cell phones) in the classroom are subject to loss of their usage privileges. Teachers and administrators may revise their Acceptable Usage Policies at any time. Students who abuse these policies will be subject to school, district and legal ramifications, criminal and civil.