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General Information (What Can Speech do for Me?, School Supplies, Practice etc)

 UPDATED August 18, 2021

Effective Immediately:

The following schedule will be in effect beginning (DATE TBD) for returning members and (DATE TBD) for new students.

* Please schedule all doctor appointments off the days your child/ren will be in practice.

* Practice is MANDATORY for all who compete. Failure to show = failure to compete.

Monday: Debate until 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday: I.E. until  5:30  p.m.

Wednesday: Private sessions as available

Thursday: During Districts, Regionals, and State weeks in the Spring.


Where can I find additional resources and help regarding the class or coaching? Check out our team's website! Here, students have access to all instructional materials and our libraries. There are even tabs for parents and alumni!


What can Speech/Debate do for me?

Aside from the obvious communication development, fostering of creativity and critical thinking, self-confidence, and understanding of team culture, this activity has the ability to impact all areas of a student's life. In the last  6 years of his career, Mr. Elles has watched his students succeed in multiple areas because of the skillsets they learned in speech/debate. Here are some highlights as to how this program can impact you outside of the round:


Students competing on scholarship in college for Speech/Debate: 12

Students granted LEADERSHIP scholarhips in college: 21 (19 were members of Elles' leadership teams)

Youth Leadership Oklahoma students: 3

OEC Finalists: 18

Oklahoma Electric Cooperative Washington D.C. Trip:  9

Oklahoma Electric Cooperative Scholarship Recipients:  6

Oklahoma All-State Championships: 40

National Qualifying Students: 96

National Finals Scholarship: 10

National Academic All-Americans: 10

National All- American Students: 1

Oklahoma Student of the Year: 1

National Tournament Finalists: 14 (final round participants eligible/awards a myriad of scholarships)

Baccalaureate Scholarship Recipients: 1

 Team Citations of Achievement by House of Reprentatives and Senate: 4

Debate students were granted a 30 minute exclusive meet/greet with Senator Elizabeth Warren during her presidential campaign.


School Supply Lists

Intro to Debate (4th and 6th hour sem 1)

- 2 black, 1" binder with divider tabs

- package of legal notepades http://

- 2 composition notebooks for notes/journal. A spiral notebook will not work.

- 1 ream of white copy paper for case printing.




Competitive Acting 1, 2,3 --- TEAM

- ONE, 1 " black imini economy view binder (interp book) 

- ONE package of C-Line top loading poly sheet protectors, mini sie, 8.5 x 5.5 inches http://

- 1 package of white copy paper for script copying and tournament paperwork.

- 1 package multicolor highlighters

- package of BLACK construction paper for Prose/Poetry books. 

-  2 composition notebooks for notes/journal. A spiral notebook will not work.


Advanced Debate ONLY school supplies 

- package of legal notepades http://

- Debate students (2 packages of white copy paper-- you will print A LOT, in this class)

- pack of blue and red ink pens

-  2 composition notebooks for notes/journal. A spiral notebook will not work.


Drama 1 (Second semester, 6th hour)

- 1" binder with divider tabs

- loose leaf notebook paper

-  1 composition notebook for notes/journal. A spiral notebook will not work.

- 1 ream of COLOR copy paper

- 1 regular-sized foam poster board

- one pack of white index cards (standard size)


Personal Financial Literacy (if applicable)

- 1" binder with 16 divider tabs

- loose leaf notebook paper

- 1 regular-sized foam poster board (will need these for presentations)

- 1 pencil pouch

- 1 large package of index cards

-  1 composition notebook for notes/journal. A spiral notebook will not work.


Team GroupMe App/Use Information

Students wishing to compete should join our TEAM GroupMe. Here, we send classroom and homework reminders, wake up texts on tournament days, information about

tournaments, events, fundraisers, etc. Family Leaders can add you to the GroupMe once assigned. 

Check out the "Social Media" tab to find ways to access all accounts. This is another great way to keep up with the team and news.


Reiteration for emphasis: Students who are competing will be required to practice weekly during the days listed above, but only for their specific event day. Any student who chooses not to attend practice, will not be allowed to compete in the upcoming tournament and will be responsible for associated tournament fees. Students will sign up for a tournament the Monday prior to the tournament date and will be required to compete. Any cancellation after Monday will result in $50 fees per event that must be paid before they're eligible to compete again. I'd rather have the students fulfill committment than have to pay a drop fee always.