Ms. Stevens' Mission Statement

  • I believe that English is the key to communication and understanding multiple genres of socially necessary skillsets.  It is my mission to understand your student on an individual basis in order to teach them in a method by which they grasp the importance of Literature and how it applies to them personally.  I will respond to your student with diligence, maintaining awareness of both their progress and needs in respect to each standard and unit covered.   I will maintain consistent and positive communication with their parents to insure maximum involvement of all members of the student’s educational success team.  In a positive learning environment, I will demonstrate how all facets of English relate to the understanding of human nature, events in history, empathy, compassion, civil and social responsibilities. I will demonstrate how written and spoken words are the most powerful tools available in the student’s arsenal when used positively.   I will do so by leading them through a vivid exploration of each genre of Literature.