• ELA Textbook Information 
    Into Reading   K-6      Beginning Fall 2022
    Your books will be replaced yearly, we are in year one of a six-year adoption.

    Consumable Textbook Procedures:

    1. If a student moves within MPS, send their books (My Book and workbook) in interschool mail to their new school. 
    2. If a student leaves MPS, keep their books for any new student you receive. 
    3. If you run out of books and need a book for a new student, let your principal know to request a new book.
    4. NO NOT send these books home with kids until you are finished with them. They have online access for home use, and these books won’t survive in backpacks filled with water bottles. Once you are finished with a volume, you can send that book home with the kiddos to keep.  These books are only to be used at school.


    Short Tutorial Videos: These are quick how to videos made by MPS. 

     Accessing Grammar/Writing Resources  |  What does my adoption include? |  How to access the Teachers Edition

    Into Reading: Finding Resources, Making Assignments, Creating Lessons

    Full Training Video:
    Unpacking the Box/Getting Started Training - Longer, more intensive getting started training. Great for anyone who missed the in-person training. 
    Common Questions:
    Q: What is our yearly workbook? 
    A: Know it, Show it student workbook
    Q:  How do I access other materials?
    A:  Using the Ed Platform either through the Demo above, or your Clever account after the first week of school. 
    Q:   How long is the adoption?
    A:   This is a 6 year adoption. Each year the students My Book and Know it, Show it will be replaced. 
    Q:  Can 6th grade still use Study Sync?
    A:  You can supplement with Study Sync, but we ask that you use Into Reading as your core program.  
    Wonders - Pre K - Beginning Fall 2022
    To access a temporary demo account, please use the information below.  Personal teacher accounts will be available in Clever beginning in August.  
    UN: OKELAReview2021
    PW: OKela2021
    The resources below were used during the K-5 adoption of Wonders.
    Beginning of Year Calendar Set Up - This PDF will walk you through the calendar set up.  ***It is crucial to set your first teaching day as August 15th and then ONLY block out the weeks of Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break and Spring Break. Unclick all other one-day holidays.  This will make your calendar flow better.  

    How to Assign an Online Assessment - This document shows the steps to assigning your Weekly, Unit, and Benchmark Assessments online. 

    Using the Data Dashboard - Once you have begun assigning online, now you can utilize the data dashboard.  Use this document to learn more. 

    Manage and Assign Overview - This quick and easy video will show you how to assign resources to your students.