• This year, the science department has worked toward coming up with a standardized school supply list. This way, even if you switch classes for some reason, you will be required to have the same supplies. This prevents parents from having to purchase more supplies mid-semester. The requires supplies are as follows: 

    The following supplies are required and students must have them in class daily:

    • Composition Notebook (we use these every day. This is very important!)
    • A pack of assorted highlighters (we do a lot of whole brain learning and part of that is color coding important material)
    • A 2 pocket folder-with or without brads
    • Pen or Pencil (color doesn't matter as long as it's NOT red-we grade in red)

    The following supplies are required to make a science department run efficiently, but will be turned in to the science teacher. 

    • One box of crayola colored pencils
    • One pack of red pens
    • One roll of paper towel (this is very important during lab days)
    • 7th grade GIRLS-one box of kleenex (cold and flu season can be brutal!)
    • 7th grade BOYS-One hand held pencil sharpener (with a catch basin, please)
    • 8th grade GIRLS-One ream of solid colored COPY paper (not the packs that have 20 sheets of 5 different colors, please)
    • 8th grade BOYS-One container of Clorox Wipes

    The following items are not required, but we would love to have them as donations! 

    • Tin foil
    • Styrofoam Cups
    • Colored Cardstock
    • Coffee (Just plain 'ol Folgers is fine. I know it seems silly, but we teach 7th and 8th graders at 740 in the morning! Have mercy on us!)
    • Pipe Cleaners
    • Spaghetti (for STEM labs)
    • Marshmallows (for STEM labs)
    • Straws (straight or bendable)
     * In order for your child to succeed in this Science class, he/she must have access to scissors, glue, and colored pencils at home.  I will provide these items during the school day, but it is possible that your child will have homework where these items are required.  I will not give extensions on home work if your child does not complete it on time because of lack of supplies.