MPS Tutorial Program

  • Welcome to the After School Tutoring Program!

    The Moore Public Schools Tutorial Program is a free tutorial program provided by the district to qualifying students in 4ththrough 8th grade. Tutoring sites are: Highland East, Highland West, Brink, Central JH, and Moore West.

    High school honor students under the direction of a certified teacher will tutor students at CJH on Mondays and Wednesdays in 50 minute sessions. Sessions are 4:30-5:20 P.M., 5:30-6:20 P.M., 6:30-7:20 P.M.

    The program is designed to be an extension of the classroom and to build study skills. It is the student's responsibility to bring assignmentsbooks and materials to each session. Tutors will monitor completion of homework assignments and develop supplemental lessons in the area of academic concerns.

    To qualify for this service, a student must be earning a “D” or “F” on a progress report or report card. Any student with one or more”D” will qualify for one night of tutoring. Any student with an “F” or an “F” and another grade 69% or below, qualifies for two nights of tutoring.

    Any student with three unexcused absences from tutoring will be dismissed.
    Any student suspended from school will not be allowed to attend during the suspension period.

    The site supervisor will notify parents/guardians to schedule the time and day of tutoring sessions. Scheduling will occur  approximately one week after the request for tutoring has been submitted. Every effort is made to provide tutoring at the site and time requested. If this time or location is full another site will be offered.

    Transportation is the responsibility of the parent. Students may not be left unattended. Students may walk to and from tutoring only with written permission provided by the parent.

    Click Here to complete the Parent Request for Tutoring Service.