General Chemistry and Pre AP Chemistry
    Dr. Valarie Tlapak-Simmons

    Class times/Office hours

    Pre AP Chem ---1st Hour   8:20-9:18 am

    Plan ---2nd Hour  9:23-10:21 am

    Gen Chem--- 3rd Hour   10:26-11:24 am

    Pre AP Chem--- 4th Hour   11:24 am-12:26 pm

    Pre AP Chem---5th Hour   1:09-2:08 pm

    Pre AP Chem---6th Hour   2:13-3:11 pm

    Science Tutoring:  Tuesday(room 171) /Thursday(room 156) 3:15-4:15 pm

    If you need additional tutoring or a different day talk to me.  If you get behind we have to get you caught up.

    You can also text me via remind.