• If a teacher has not contacted you, it could be that your contact information has not been updated in Infinite Campus. Contact your home school to make sure your contact info is up to date. 

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    Moore Virtual Academy
    224 SE 4th Street
    Moore, OK  73160
    (East side building Door #3)    
    Students must log into Edgenuity through CLEVER at this link: CLEVER 
    If your CLEVER login is not working, login at this link using your student ID as password. Edgenuity Student Login
    Credit Recovery Students will log into Edgenuity through this link: Credit Recovery Login
    Hart Brown Secondary Principal: Email
    Shawna Wilson Elementary Principal: Email
    Office phone:  405-735-4647      fax:  405-793-3062
    In-Person Testing Information

    High school students who wish to test during the day, may do so by making an appointment with that school's MVA teacher.


              Moore High School            Anne Nunnally annenunnally@mooreschools.com

              Westmoore High School   Gretchen White gretchenwhite@mooreschools.com

              Southmoore High School  Patrick Heston patrickheston@mooreschools.com


    High school students can also test at VISTA Academy

    without appointment 

    Daytimes:  Monday thru Friday 10am to 2pm or

    Evenings: Monday thru Thursday 4-7 PM


    Junior High Students

    All junior high students will test at VISTA Academy:

    Daytimes: Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm or

    Evenings: Monday thru Thursday 4-7 PM

    without appointment.



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