5th Grade Supply List

  • School Supplies for 2020-2021 School Year

    Fifth Grade

    Label with Name

    1 pair of headphones  

    4 boxes of crayons (24 count) *1 per nine weeks   

    2 boxes of (12 count) colored map pencils 

    1 box markers (10 count) 

    2 composition books *no spirals 

    4 plastic pocket folders with brads; red, blue, green, yellow (solid colors- no printed folders)  

    Do Not put names on these items

    1 3-ring binder 2” 

    1 package of dividers with pockets (to place inside binder) 

    1 large zipper supply bag with holes to place into 3-ring binder **No pencil boxes  

    1 ream of 20 lb. copy paper  

    1 pkg. of wide-line notebook paper (loose leaf 200 ct.)  

    3 pkgs.  #2 Pencils (these only) Ticonderoga, Dixon, USA Gold Brand   

    4 grading pens RED ONLY    

    2 highllighters 

    1 pair of pointed scissors   

    1 Large bottle of glue  

    2 large boxes of Kleenex  

    1 bottle of hand Sanitizer-Boys

    1 Small or large Ziploc bag- Girls 

    2 large Container Clorox wipes