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    Our golf teams are organized by the high school they will attend. We do not have a Brink specific team. If they will be attending Westmoore, they need to participate on the Westmoore Jr. High Golf team.   


    Parents, if your student athlete is interested in being a part of Westmoore Junior High Golf for the 2020 - 2021 school year, please email Dylan Hopson (Boys) or Athena Mathis (Girls).

    Girls' Golf Info:
    If your child would like to particpate in golf for the Westmoore JH team (Moore West & Brink combined):
    Step 1: Join the Remind account for golf (@whsjh). You must use the actual app so that you can see previous announcements as well as attachments that will be sent out. 
    Step 2: Send a message to the head coach through Remind with your full name and your child's full name.
    Step 3: Complete Rank One forms then send a message to the head coach through Remind letting them know it is complete so that she can be added to the golf roster.
    Step 4: Print out the two sided physical form and take it to your doctor or a clinic to get an updated physical. Must be completed after May of the season you will play. Must be dated and signed before turning in.
    Step 5: Scan and email the physical to anamarquez2@mooreschools.com. It must be approved by her and put in the system before an athlete may attend any practices. Your physical gets put in based on the order it was turned in and approved. If you didn't sign it or it's out of date then you must resubmit and that physical goes to the back of the line. There are several sports and a lot of athletes so do not wait until the week before practices start to get this done or you will more than likely be missing the first days or week of practices.
    You can pull up your rank account to check the staus of your Rank One forms and physical. Do not ask the coach to check for you. This is your responsibility. We will have a list during check in of those clear (green) in Rank One and those are the only athletes that can stay at practice. You must be enrolled and have your school ID # to begin Rank One forms. If you have Rank One issues after trying troubleshooting on your own, contact philliptucker@mooreschools.com with exactly what is happening when you try to log in. 
    Step 6: Turn on Remind notifications and stay up to date with the most current requirements, dates, times, procedures, changes, etc.
    Boys' Golf Info: