Extended School Year (ESY) Information



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    Student Emergency Procedures          

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    Parent Mileage Reimbursement        

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    SLP Questions

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    June 6-30

    Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

    Central Elementary and Central Junior High  



    ***If you have a student to enroll in ESY after 3/30/19, please email whitneygreen@mooreschools.com


    At the annual IEP meeting:

    • Complete "ESY Determination Documentation Form" in EdPlan and upload to EdPlan file.
    • For each goal to be addressed at ESY, add that goal a second time and choose the ESY box.
    • On IEP Services page, add an entry with the dates of ESY.  Each related service must have an additional entry, too.  
    • Service hours for students attending for academics will add up to 180 minutes/week.
    • Indicate on IEP that student qualifies for ESY.  
    • Complete electronic ESY application at that time.  
      • Bus transportation is included in this application.
      • You will find your school's log on this web site.
    • Have parent complete the "ESY Student Emergency Form."  
      • Print form from EdPlan, found under District forms.
      • Send in school mail or email it to Jessica Deck in Special Services.
    • Create "IEP-at-a-Glance" in EdPlan for ESY.
      • Include the following on the Written Notice:
        Bus transportation, if applicable, one round trip daily.
      • Parent mileage reimbursement, if applicable, one round trip daily.

    If the parent decides NOT to send their child to ESY, see instructions below.

    Remember, it’s OK to send home a packet of activities for a student to work on over the summer rather than attend ESY.  Suggest local activities to parents – the library, the park, picnics, family excursions, etc.  ESY is not mandatory!



    ESY Determination Documentation Form

    Only complete if applicable.  The form is available in EdPlan or by clicking the link above.

      • Attach applicable forms to an additional copy of IEP Services Page.
        Principal signs each form.
      • Authorization forms for Reimbursement for Parent Mileage 
    • Send to ASC:  
      • Attn:  ESY - Jay Lynn
      • Submit by April 15th so Jay Lynn can submit a purchase order.

    If a parent refuses to provide a social security number, that’s fine.  When the form is received in this office, Jay Lynn can contact the parent for the information.  


    Data Collection

    To be completed by Special Education Teachers only.

    Speech/OT/PT/VI/HI have different procedures.

    The goals you are working on with your students will be continued at ESY.  There should be no more than 3 academic objectives on the IEP for ESY. Fill in the information electronically.  Use the sample as a guide.  The way you collect data may look different, depending on the needs of the child.  Optimally, one form will be printed front-to-back for each individual goal/objective. The ESY staff will work on each goal and assess weekly.  This is the data that will be used for determining progress. Data collection should encompass the entire school year. This will give you data to show parents if there is a question about regression over long breaks.


    **If you have a student to enrollment in ESY, please email whitneygreen@mooreschools.com

    All enrollment should be completed through the ESY log.  Make sure you have the IEP file in front of you with current information.  This information goes into the spreadsheet we use for planning, attendance, etc.  Obviously, if you have NOT held the annual IEP meeting yet, you’ll need to have a phone conversation with the parent so you’ll have this.  If you need to update the information, you’ll need to start all over with the form. 

    Email me or jessicadeck@mooreschools.com if you submit a form that shouldn’t have been submitted or if a parent decides the student will not be attending ESY.  If you’ve submitted duplicate information, we’ll delete the earlier version.



    You’ll need the following information, so have it ready before you begin!

    • Student’s last and first name(spelled correctly, please!)
    • Student’s ID #
    • Case Manager and/or SLP
    • Primary Disability
    • Current Grade
    • Age of student
    • Does the student need an assistant? (1:1 is for our planning purposes ONLY – not to be written on the IEP!)
    • Interpreter?
    • Bus Transportation– ONLY if the student will be receiving bus transportation to ESY (The form says to send the request to Transportation.  That’s not necessary – you’re going to put all the information in on this form and I will submit to Transportation.  Please be patient with us as we have made a few tweaks since we created this form last summer.)

    o  Parent’s name

    o  Parent’s phone number

    o  Pick up address

    o  Pick up phone number – if different from parent’s phone number

    o  Drop off address

    o  Drop off phone number

    o  Day Care provider name & phone number

    o  Special Requirements – such as wheel chair, accompanied on bus by nurse, car seat, safety harness, other)

    o  Medical Alert

    o  Behavior Alert

    o  May student be dropped off at home without an adult present to receive him/her? (secondary only)

    o  Additional information

     May 1

    Confirm attendance and transportation with family.  

    If parent changes their mind and child will NOT attend ESY:

    • Send Written Notice to parents that student is not attending due to parent request.
    • Document on Parent Contact.
    • Email Whitney Green so she can update the enrollment.


    Special Education Services – ESY (no break in services in dates)

    Type of service



    Begin/end dates

    Location of services

    ESY Reading Skills


    90 min


    Spec Ed setting

    ESY Math Skills


    90 min


    Spec Ed setting

    Related Services – ESY

    Type of Service



    Begin/End dates

    Location of Services

    Speech-Language Services


    20 minutes


    Spec Ed setting

    Occupational Therapy


    30 minutes


    Spec Ed setting





    Provided by District

    Parent mileage reimbursement




    Provided by Parents

     If you cannot determine eligibility at the annual IEP:

      Contact Parent to ask if they are interested in doing ESY determination.

    1. Have a separate ESY meeting to do the determination and eligibility for ESY and if student is attending.
    2. If student qualifies, follow procedures listed above.
    3. If the student does not qualify, note it on the IEP, include a Written Notice that the team determined he/she did not qualify.

    If student does NOT qualify: 

    1. Indicate on ESY Determination Form (Upload into EdPlan) and on the IEP.
    2. Include a statement on the Written Notice that the student did not qualify.
    3. Send the documents to ASC.





    Provide documentation with the following information. You may either use the ESY at a glance document from EdPlan or ESY SLP Information.  Complete electronically, save, and email info sheet to Christy Reed at WBE via school mail or christyreed@mooreschools.com.  You may also send any packets of work or whatever to be provided to the ESY SLP.

    • 2-3 Specific goals to be addressed in ESY.  
      • Ex:  /k/ in initial position in phrases or sentences; practice these 15 antonyms (with exact list provided); receptively be able to show under, below, open, close, etc. 
      • Key word is specific.  Please do not send 10 goals for ESY – yes I know you are marking ESY on an overall goal on the IEP, but we have to work on specific objectives.
    • Brief statement about student (ex: Works well in group with peer, works better individually due to behavior).  Please remember on the individual statement that it is not that you think they would make more progress individually, but their behaviors are so that they cannot be grouped.
    • How much speech?  EITHER 1 time week for 20 OR 2 times a week for 40.  There are no other options for ESY!!!!
    • Please note if the child is only coming for one month or will be missing a week or so.
    • Please note if the child will receive academics or speech only.
    • IF SPEECH ONLY, please put parents name and best number so we can call them to schedule.  Also, if the parent has a request like early morning or around lunch therapy time, please note that.  We typically only see students from 8:30 AM until 1:00 PM while an administrator is in the building.  After 5:00 PM is NOT an option!




    Students who need the "routine of attending school."


    Parents sometimes request ESY services because their child "always" attends, the child’s school routine continues, or various other reasons.  ESY is different from the regular school year:  Transportation/bus/route, building, schedule, staff, classroom, peer group.  Therefore, determination of necessary ESY services is always a team decision, using the CONSIDERATION FOR ESY SERVICES form as an informational tool.

    Over the past few years, we have done an excellent job of taking a second look at the CONSIDERATIONS document.  Many good conversations have occurred within teams. 

    Taking data throughout the school year.

    Based on ESY IEP goal, determine the specific needs to be addressed at ESY.  You’ll enter targeted responses on the data form and take data.  THIS IS AN IMPORTANT COMPONENT!  This data should be used for the IEP Progress Report.  

    • After taking the data, look at it.  What does it tell you? 
    • If the student is meeting the goal, WOO-HOO!  You have documentation you can show the parent for planning a new IEP goal.  The necessity of ESY may need to be reconsidered.
    • If the student is not meeting the goal, then you have information that tells you it is an emerging skill, or continue the goal, or it’s too hard and needs to be broken down into smaller objectives, or something else. 

    The ESY teacher needs a copy of the visuals and description of the auditory prompts to continue the same procedures. 

    • What visuals do you use to accomplish those procedures?  Is there a visual schedule? 
    • What are the auditory prompts?

    Many teachers regularly provide a copy of the students’ visual schedules for ESY as well as packets with activities.  These have proven to be extremely helpful in the past.   

    Consumable items will not be returned to you.  What you send for data collection will be used multiple times with the student. 

    • If you have a student working on sight words, only print flashcards for the specific 10-15 words, or fewer, that the student is working on.  Those will be used daily, for all 12 days.  Obviously, each student will be working on a separate set of skills. 
    • If the student is working on counting, then maybe send a small bag of lima beans with specific instructions. 
    • If the student is working on sorting, make a list of suggested items the student likes to sort with specific instructions (ex: small blocks, colored beans). 
    • For some students, 2 pages (12 copies each) with 5-10 one-digit addition problems will be appropriate (one page for daily practice, one page for daily data collection). 
    • Some students respond by eye gaze or pointing.  The ESY teacher needs to know specifically what objects to present. 

    Remember, you’re going to send an ESY Data Collection form.  This is how we will monitor progress. 

    • For the specific skills being addressed on the IEP, the classroom teacher will send the materials. 
    • The ESY teacher can’t be expected to guess the specifics for each child when looking at an IEP for a student he/she may not know. 
    • ESY teachers will still need to plan additional daily activities. 



    Good Morning,

    Parent Mileage Reimbursement.  

     When you add parent mileage reimbursement to an IEP for ESY, enter the dates and check “Provided by Parents.”  Since there is no option to add specific information in this area, add it to the Written Notice.  When you send the Parent Mileage Reimbursement form to Special Services, include a copy of the Written Notice. 

    • “Parent mileage reimbursement will be provided for 1 round trip daily from 6/19/18 through 7/19/18.”

    Safe travels!

    Parent Mileage Reimbursement Sample  




    Consideration for a change in the need for ESY

    Example:  The team determined that ESY was appropriate in September, but the student has had poor attendance and ESY may not be appropriate now.  

    Call the parent and discuss it.  If the parent chooses to decline ESY services, advise that you will be sending a Written Notice.  If the parent does not make that choice, then you can’t just send a Written Notice as the services were determined within a team meeting.  For example, as special educators, we can’t just decide a kid no longer needs special class instruction for math.  Schedule an IEP team meeting and update the IEP.  The good news is that you will have the IEP done now instead of scrambling to get it done by the end of May since all August & September IEPs need to be updated before the end of school anyway.