• I cannot stress the importance of reading enough! It builds vocabulary, fosters comprehension skills, and creates strong, independent thinkers. One main goal of our 3rd grade team is to try to instill a love of reading by the time our students leave our classes. That being said, this can only happen if students are actually practicing reading independently. The purpose of our readng logs is to see that students are reading for at least 20 minutes every night. Studies show that reading for at least 20 minutes a night gives students a much higher chance of being successful in school. 

    These reading logs will come home on Mondays and are due the following Monday. Reading logs should always be completed in the students' own handwriting aside from the parent signature. You will notice that there is no designated spot for the weekend on the reading log; if your student is unable to read on a weeknight, you can simply read on Saturday/Sunday and fill that reading time in for one of the weekdays. Unless a student is absent, reading logs are not accepted late. If your student is absent, they will still be expected to make up that time on their reading log (if there are extenuating circumstances related to the absence, please feel free to email me).  In case your student's copy is lost, I have attached a digital copy below that you can print off and turn in. I am more than willing to accept a hand-written reading log as long as it is neat and has all the correct/required information (as seen on the digital copy.)

    Thank you!