Mathematics Curriculum Pacing Guides One Note

  • Math Curriculum Pacing Guides 


    What is a pacing guide? 

    Pacing guides serve a purpose to present a scope-and-sequence, which lay out expectations of the material to be covered in each subject at each grade level.

    The expectations:

    1. Teachers across the district are in the same target area, and have taught the students lessons addressing the standards and content included in each semester. The pacing guide guide suggests, but does not dictate, the number of days spent on a topic, chapter, or activity.

    2. Teachers are presenting on grade level, rigorous, and relevent lessons- the number of days or when lessons are presented is subject to the lesson, the students, and numerous outside factors.

    3. Your school and/or team is working together to create a strong and effective curriculum map that allows for innovative teaching in a STUDENT CENTERED classroom. Your students may need more time here, less time there- adjust as needed for maximum success! 


    What a pacing guide is NOT:

    A pacing guide is not a calendar. It is not a prescriptive/centralized gps map for success. It is not a lesson plan. It is not a tool used to monitor your progress. 

    One size fits all does not work.

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