Mrs. Allen 

    Mr. and Mrs. Allen

    Grade Level: 5th 

    Plan Time: 10:05-10:50
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    Hello, my name is Kathryn Allen, and I am the 5th Grade Math teacher here at Sky Ranch. I absolutely love my job. This will be my tenth year teaching 5th grade Math, I have taught Science five of those years. Math did not always come easy for me as a kid and I had to work really hard in school, so I believe that helps me teach to the best of my ability because I understand where they are coming from. I love that the answers are always there, within our reach. I am married and have 4 doggies. :) I collect dachshund stuff, as well as flamingo items. I love laughing and feel like when you do what you love, it shows, so I love what I do. I try to teach math by showing that it can be fun and I try my best to make it as easy as possible and memorable. I am excited for the new year and cannot wait to teach your children! Please feel free to email me anytime!
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