5th Grade Behavior Policy 

    Behavior Expectations 

    Discipline is the teaching one receives to prevent wrongdoing, not the penalty one receives following acts of misbehavior. The Mustang Code will help your child to succeed in and out of school. They are set as guidelines for behavior and learning. Students are expected to make good choices and controll their own behavior. They will have procedures to follow throughout the day to encourage good choices and maximize learning experiences. Fifth grade students have been in a school setting for at least 6 years already, so they are expected to follow the normal school rules.  


    Mustang Honor Code 

           Students will have the opportunity to earn a good day for good behavior by following the Mustang Code. If students earn a set number of "good days" for each 9 week period, they will get to attend a celebration/earn a reward. Students will lose their "good day" after receiving 3 warnings in one day. Extreme misbehavior/ parent notification form will result in an automatic loss of a "good day". 



    Consequences are a result of an action, a logical result or conclusion.  Students must be allowed to own their behavior and choices.  As teachers, it is our job to guide them in solving social and learning problems.  In our classrooms, bad choices made by the student will have natural and logical consequences.  For example: if a student is talking excessively, within their group, and has been asked to work quietly on numerous occasions, the student could be moved to work alone for a period of time. If a student is leaning back in their chair after warnings, the chair will be taken to avoid injury to self or others. All warnings will either be written in their agenda or on Class Dojo for you to see daily.  We will record the details and issue an appropriate consequence.  If it is an extreme situation or reoccurring event. In that case, we will contact you that day via email, dojo, text, or phone. Students who receive 4 warnings in one day will be written a parent notification for you to sign that night and will be required to attend a before school or after school detention to write a plan of improvement.  Upon the 3rd and 6th referral, the student will serve one day in ISS. Immediately after the 9th referral, the student will be referred to the principal and suspended for one day. If the student doesnt return the form, they will serve lunch detention until they do.  



    Abusive Language 

    Verbal Harassment/ Insults/ Threats/ Bullying  


    Leaving Classroom/ School Grounds 

    Stealing, or Damaging Property 

    Extreme Defiance 

    Severe Emotional Outburst 



                Again, we strive to use natural and logical consequences. We view recess as a need that shouldn't be taken away for little things. Not only do students need a mental and physical break, but we do as well. We try to only "take away" recess in extreme situations. These include any verbal or physical harassment, bullying, rumors, cussing, stealing, damaging property, or repeated rough play, etc. because these behaviors would only be magnified during free time. The time may come that we need to conference with a student about other behaviors and a portion of their recess may be used for this.  



             Teachers will be using Class Dojo for a behavior incentive program. We like to focus on those doing the right thing and following the Mustang Code by praising them and rewarding their good choices! Students can earn points throughout the day in every class for many reasons. (Log into Dojo for a complete list.) Students will have the opportunity each week to spend their points on candy, snacks, pop, prizes, and an assortment of coupons.  Donations of small wrapped candy, snacks, and pop are greatly appreciated! Exceptional Behavior = automatic Excellence in Action. No warnings all week = Excellence in Action x5 on Friday. Students can spend Excellence in Actions once a month! 


    Cell Phones 

          Students must turn in a District permission slip to have their cell phone at school. All cell phones are to be kept on silent and in their backpacks. First warning: teacher collects phone and keeps it until the end of the day. 2nd warning: phone will be sent to office for parent to pick up. 3rd warning: student will lose the privilege of having a cell phone at school.  



    It is to each child’s advantage to be at school, ON TIME, every day. Students are given from 9:00-9:15 to prepare for the day.  Class begins promptly at 9:15 a.m.  Students are expected to be in class and ready to learn at this time.  If you intend on eating breakfast at the school, please try to arrive at 8:45 a.m.  An ill student should stay at home, but otherwise we look forward to seeing each student at school every day.  Please try to schedule all appointments as late in the afternoon as possible to keep your child from missing teacher instruction and to help with our school’s attendance. Since students will be rotating classes this year, they could possibly miss an entire class if tardy or checked out early. 


     School Work 

    Students will be allowed one day past the due date to turn papers in with an automatic 10 point deduction.  If it is not complete by the second day, the student will receive a 20 point deduction and so on. After 10 days, it will be logged as a zero. Any work not completed in the student’s own handwriting will receive a ZERO.  Receiving zero points for any assignment can be very harmful to a student’s grades and even detrimental when this happens more than once in a single class. 

             On Thursdays, teachers will print missing paper reports to send home. Students will have time to find the assignment and take it with them to complete. If any missing assignment is not turned in by Friday morning, students will work during FUN FRIDAY to complete their work. We still recommend checking parent portal as this will update daily and by Thursday, the assignment may be a week late.  


      Each student will have a class binder with two pockets. Anything that needs to be signed will be in the front pocket.  Some work will be stored in the folders of their binders while working on projects in class. Please check agendas for any homework (did not complete in class) each night. It is imperative that binders are brought to school EVERY day. Binders will be taken home EVERY night. Please be sure to look at their agendas each night, there is a place for parents to sign. Please do not remove papers as they may be due the following day or for a project in class.  

    Reading at home is strongly encouraged and will be expected after their first library visit. Practicing Math Facts at home using reflex or flash cards and using Mrs. Allen's website to help study for math will help greatly as well, and will be in place of any homework going home each night.  

    Students will take home any unfinished class work which is due the next day. All unfinished school work will be highlighted in students’ agendas. We know how short your evenings can be, especially with sports, reading, and other activities already on the schedule! If a student is bringing home a lot of work each day it could be due to them not using their time wisely in class.  Please contact us if with any questions or concerns about your child’s homework. 

     Students are expected to manage their own homework and make-up work, but the time may come when they are unsure what to do on a problem or even an entire assignment. If you are unable to help them, please write a comment on the paper and send it back to class. When they have free time we will assist them, which may be during their recess. The 5th grade teachers allow students to come at 8 to get extra help and to work on Reflex, Study Island, or Lexia.  

     Absent Work 

                Absent students will be able to copy the class agenda when they return to school or  a copy of work may be picked up after 4:00 in the office by a parent/guardian by notifying in the office or us on dojo. Extra copies of work will be stored in a designated place so that students can get to it easily. It is the student's responsibility to get all of the make-up work when he/she returns.  Students will then have one day for every day he/she has missed to complete ALL of the assignments.  The late work policy applies to all make-up work as well.  

     Parent Portal 

    Moore Public Schools has an internet program called Parent Portal for accessing information concerning your child’s daily grades.  We strongly recommend that every parent visit the front office to obtain their password for accessing this information.  For those of you who do not have access to the internet at home, it is available at your local library.  The program is a great way to stay updated on your child’s daily progress. Set it up for text alerts to see grades as we post them.  


     Zoom is the online video client we will be using if we must go online. Students will be expected to log in and join us, they will join with their microphones muted. If they have a question in the zoom, they will use the raise my hand feature as they would in class. They are to remain muted until they are asked a question or are called on to answer a question. We ask that they are dressed appropriately for class and that they do not have other devices during zoom calls.  


    Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We appreciate all that you do and with your help this year will be a tremendous success. -5th Grade Teachers