Welcome to my adventure!



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Welcome to my adventure!

Hello, my name is Ms. Blair and I have been teaching FACS since 1997 in the Moore Public Schools. 

I am a graduate of Moore High School and a true LION at heart. 

I am a mom of two amazing kids and they are eagerly following my path to becoming a LION! 

I teach FACS Ed.  Yes!! it was called Home Ec in my day too... tough adjustment, but I did it.  Help me share the knowledge with others a well. 

I chose this area of study for the same reason I teach Jr. High kids....  Because there is still a small window where I can make a difference. Share a safe place to learn and grow and ask questions.  

FACS is a subject that we expect kids to get at home, but simply many do not.  

My job is to be here with them as they navigate some of the toughest developmental years and to help them feel supported and heard.  I am one of the crazy ones who really enjoy teenagers.... and what a blessing that is and always will be!