• The 3 Rs

    ·         Be Respectful

    ·         Be Responsible

    ·         Be Ready

    These go hand in hand with; never give up, encourage others, and do the right thing.  That is what I try to live by, and inspire my students to follow.


    Snacks, Water, Library Day, and Appreciation

    ·         After considering children’s needs, I believe that children should bring their own snack each day.

    ·        Students must bring a water bottle with their name on it, the fountains are not working.  They will be able to get a drink when needed. Library day is Tuesday.

    ·         I really appreciate all of the sweet children, teachers, and parents that I have met at Broadmoore.

    Thursday Folders, Homework Folders, A.R., Clever and Grading Scale 

    A Wonders’ study guide (The Pencil Page) for Spelling, Vocabulary, and Skills we are learning for the week are sent home on Mondays. A Reading Log/Behavior Chart to Initial will be sent home monthly. A vital part of improving reading skills is to practice, daily.  Please look at your child’s Behavior/Reading Log, daily.

    Your child should be choosing books on their level to read and take a quiz on AR.  If a child's level is above Second Grade, they may still read some books on the Second Grade Level. If their level is below Second Grade, they need to be reading on their level to take a quiz.

    Students have a QR code for the Clever website, and can access Prodigy and XtraMath are great Math learning practice sites for Math. myOn is an excellent place for children to read books and there are usually comprehension questions at the end. This is also on the Clever site.

    Spellingcity.com may be accessed from the Broadmoore's Dashboard, also. If you would like to Google it that is fine, too.  Spellingcity.com>Search>Parent/Teacher>elizabeth ratliff>Broadmoore Elementary>Elizabeth Ratliff> Unit _ Week_>Play a Game>.


    Grading Scale For Second Grade:

    89.5---------100       A

    79.5---------89.4      B

    69.5---------79.4      C

    59.5---------69.4      D

    59.4 and    Below     F

    Parents, PLEASE sign up for Parent Portal for grades.  Mrs. Garrett, the Counselor, will be the one to help you sign up.  You can email Stephanie Garrett, counselor. Her email is stephaniegarrett1@mooreschools.com.