• Advanced Publications/Yearbook · Course No. 8105

    Advanced Publications/Newspaper · Course No. 8107


    Mrs. DeLong · Westmoore High School · Journalism/Publications Room


    SEMESTERS: 2 GL: 9-12 Prerequisite: Adviser Approval AND successful completion of Journalism, Photography, or Photojournalism counselor  previous staff experience or staff editor of an incoming junior high publication with current adviser recommendation.

    Students are responsible for producing the school’s publications of yearbook, online/printed newspaper and selected social media platforms.


    Topics and Skills:

    Journalism - Conduct interviews, research and produce stories, edit stories, proofread, conduct surveys, write captions, learn aspects of digital journalism, sell advertising, produce the digital the newspaper - The JAGWIRE, and produce the school yearbook - The Prowler.

    Photography - Basic and advanced photography skills, editing with Photoshop and/or editing software, photography file management, and equipment care and usage.

    Graphic Design and Page Design - Basics of graphic design elements, and page layout with design planning, creation, and editing.  

    Planning and Organization - Plan and cover the school's activities through digital media platforms and selected social media platforms.  Organization is needed to set and meet multiple deadlines for all publications.

    Teamwork/Management - All publications are student designed and generated.  Students work within an organizational structure of editors, managers, and staff positions. 


    Outside Class Work/Work Days Requirements:

    Workdays, photoday assignments, spread/photo assignments and additional work will be required as each publication approaches deadlines.



    Contests and Workshops - Students will have the opportunity to take photographs and may enter contests and attend workshops that are available. *Fees Required. 



    Students will be involved in a variety of oral and written evaluations, as well as demonstration of topic mastery. Each assignment will be worth a certain number of points. Students should plan to participate in all assigned activities. Participation grades are given.

    Grading scale: A = 90–100; B = 80–89; C = 70–79; D = 60–69; F = 59
or below.

    Attendance is a very important part of class participation. Students should arrange to make up all missed work during prearranged after-school sessions. In some cases, work can be made up during class.




    Tissues (facial) or cleaning wipes

    Behavior Guidelines:

    Students should plan to be on their best behavior during class. This includes respecting the teacher, other students, and the materials in the classroom. Students should raise their hands before speaking and listen carefully to all instructions. Restroom breaks should be taken between classes.

    Cell phone use during the school day is against school and district policy.  A verbal warning will be given the first occurrence.  The second occurrence will result in phone placed on teacher’s desk.  Third occurrence will result in an office referral.

    Discipline Plan:

    Step one: verbal warning or reprimand

    Step two: change of seating assignment, isolation in classroom, or removal of privilege

    Step three: parental contact

    Step four: formal referral to school administration


    Two unexcused tardies are equitant to one unexcused absence 

    Note: Certain violations of the Student Code of Conduct are considered “severe,” and result in immediate referral to the administration.


    Mrs. DeLong – Westmoore High School 


    The staff is responsible for including every school picture, club, sport, senior ad and more in a single book. They also write stories about school events or features on students. All of their photos are taken by staff photographers and their graphics are created by student designers.