• Photography 


    Mrs. DeLong  - Westmoore High School – Journalism/Publications Room

    SEMESTERS: 1 GL: 9-12 Prerequisite: None         Course No. 8102



    ·      In this basic photography course, students will learn camera operation, including how to use the aperture, shutter controls and ISO to achieve desired effects. 

    ·      Students will learn to create digital images and presentations using a variety of techniques, equipment, and computer programs.

    ·      Students must have a working camera. They are encouraged to have a digital camera (Point and Shoot or DSLR) in working order for use throughout the course.  Cellphone cameras are permitted but do have limitations. There are a limited number of classroom cameras available for student use. 


    Topics include:

    • Operation of a digital camera
    • Photographic picture composition
    • Using software to adjust and create digital images, compositions, and programs
    • Creating a Photography Portfolio
    • Participating in Art Show - Spring (MPS Art Show) or Photo Contest



    • Camera - Encouraged to have a DSLR Camera (any model); other suggested cameras Point-And-Shoot Camera/Compact Camera or Cell Phone Camera
    • SD/Memory Card - 4 GB + storage (average costs Walmart $7, Target $8.50 and Best Buy $10)
    • Tissue - Facial Tissue; Kleenex or any brand 
    • Students should bring paper and a pencil to class each day.



    Students will be involved in a variety of oral and written evaluations, as well as a demonstration of topic mastery. Each assignment will be worth a certain number of points. Students should plan to participate in all assigned activities. Participation grades are given.

    Grading scale: A = 90–100; B = 80–89; C = 70–79; D = 60–69; F = 59 
or below.

    Attendance is a very important part of class participation. Students should arrange to make up all missed work during prearranged after-school sessions. In some cases, work can be made up during class.


    Behavior Guidelines

    Students should plan to be on their best behavior during class. This includes respecting the teacher, other students, and the materials in the classroom. Students should raise their hands before speaking and listen carefully to all instructions. Restroom breaks should be taken between classes.

    Social media usage and viewing is not permitted in class.

    Computer games and streaming videos are not permitted in class.


    Discipline Plan

    Step one: verbal warning or reprimand

    Step two: change of seating assignment, isolation in the classroom, or removal of privilege

    Step three: parental contact

    Step four: formal referral to school administration

    Note: Certain violations of the Student Code of Conduct are considered “severe,” and result in immediate referral to the administration.



    Two unexcused tardies are equitant to one unexcused absence. 

    Ten unexcused absences and No Credit is earned in the course. 


    Mrs. DeLong – Westmoore High School