• Classroom  Policies
    1.  Students are expected to respect others and themselves.   "You have to give Respect to get Respect."
    2.  Use school-appropriate language at all times. 


    Late Grades - Assignments turned in late with have late grades assigned to them.

    1 Day late – 5% deduction

    2 – 5 Days late - 10% deduction

    6 + Days late – 50% deduction

    28 Days Late – Will not be accepted

    Absences:  Moore Public School’s policy is for every day absent, then an extra day is given to complete the assignment.   Example:  Absent one day = One extra day to complete an assignment

    D & F Grades

    Parents or guardians will be contacted


    Cell Phones

    • Cell phones can only be used with the teacher’s consent.
    • Cell phones will no longer be used for photography assignments unless directed by the teacher.
    • Streaming videos and any type of media are not allowed.
    • Students will be asked to place phones in the cell phone box until the end of class if necessary.
    4.  Students will be expected to take care of all computer equipment and use computers appropriately at all times.
    • Only approved CDs, DVDs, or flash drives.  
    • Students should not at any time attempt entry to system files or any files that are not being used by the class. 
    • Students should not “explore” files or make any changes to system settings.  This includes but is not limited to screen savers, icons, and program settings. 
    • Visit only school-appropriate websites.  
    5.  There is absolutely no food, candy, or drinks in the classroom/computer lab.
    6.  Hall Passes are given for emergencies only.
    8.  Be to class on time.  Two unexcused tardies equal an unexcused absence. Three unexcused tardies equal lunch detention.  

    9.  See Student Handbook for additional information. Any student who chooses to misuse or disregard classroom policies and fails to follow appropriate classroom procedures will be dealt with immediately.  Parents will be notified and disciplinary action will be taken which may include detention, in-school detention, out-of-school suspension, and/or removal from the computer class.
    10. Class is dismissed by shaking your teacher's hand at the door.  Remain in your seat and do not line up at the door.

    Make-up work - If absent from class, it is the student's responsibility to obtain all missed assignments as well as make arrangements to make up any tests or quizzes.  District policy will be followed for acceptance of make-up work - see student handbook for details.


     The teacher has the right to change and make additions to the classroom policies listed.