• Characteristics of Gifted Students

    • Reacts positively to new, strange or mysterious elements in his/her environment 
    • Persists in examining and exploring stimuli to know more about them 
    • Is curious, investigative, asks penetrating questions 
    • Has unusual approach to problem solving and unusual solutions 
    • Is independent, individualistic, self-sufficient 
    • Is imaginative, fantasy-creating, a storyteller 
    • Possesses superior powers of reasoning, of dealing with abstractions, of generalizing from specific facts, of understanding meanings and of seeing relationships 
    • Is full of ideas, verbal, has conversational fluency 
    • Prefers complex ideas; is irritated or bored by routine 
    • Can occupy time usefully without being stimulated 
    • Has a strong and persistent sense of humor 
    • Had early walking, talking, reading, etc. 
    • Is superior in the quantity and quality of vocabulary as compared with other children of his/her own age 
    • Has great interest in the nature of humanity and the universe or origins and destiny 
    • Is interested in puzzles, mazes, etc. 
    • Special skills in music, dance, sports, drawing, painting, construction and technical pursuits, leadership, puppets, plays, chess, judo, Mastermind 

    Gross, M.U.M., & Feidhusen, J. F. (1990). The Exceptionally Gifted Child.  Understanding Our Gifted. 2 (5)


    A Bright Child:

    A Gifted Learner:

    Knows the answers

    Asks the questions

    Is interested

    Is highly curious

    Is attentive

    Is mentally and physically involved

    Has good ideas

    Has wild, silly ideas

    Works hard

    Plays around, yet tests well

    Answers the questions

    Discusses in detail, elaborates

    Top group

    Beyond the group

    Listens with interest

    Shows strong feeling and opinions

    Learns with ease

    Already knows

    6-8 repetitions for mastery

    1-2 repetitions for mastery

    Understands ideas

    Constructs abstractions

    Enjoys peers

    Prefers adults

    Grasps the meaning

    Draws inferences

    Completes assignments

    Initiates projects

    Is receptive

    Is intense

    Copies accurately

    Creates a new design

    Enjoys school

    Enjoys learning

    Absorbs information

    Manipulates information



    Good memorizer

    Good guesser

    Enjoys straight forward sequential presentation

    Thrives on complexity

    Is alert

    Is keenly observant

    Is pleased with own learning

    Is highly self-critica