• Spelling Words


    Rule: Short u and Long u


    Spelling Test 10/10

    1. mule

    9. must

    2. fuse

    10. fun

    3. use

    11. rope

    4. dug

    12. nose

    5. cub

    13. look

    6. hum

    14. yes

    7. huge

    15. their

    8. plans

    Homework: No Homework this week! Read lots of books for AR Tests!



    1. believe- to think something is true

    2. delicious- good to taste

    3. feast- to eat very well

    4. fond- enjoying a great deal

    5. lessons- things to be taught or learned

    6. remarkable- not ordinary; wonderful

    7. snatch- grab quickly

    8. stories- tales of things that have happened


    Sight Words:


    Unit 1 Week 1

    blue, eve, yellow, help, put, for, ball, there, both, why


    Unit 1 Week 2

    could, find, funny, green, how, little, one, or, see, sounds


    Unit 1 Week 3

    boy, by, girl, he, here, she, small, want, were, what


    Unit 1 Week 4

    another, done, water, your, into, show, now, too, move, year


    Unit 1 Week 5

    all, any, goes, new, number, other, right, says, understands, work


    Unit 2 Week 1

    because, cold, family, friends, have, know, off, picture, school, took


    Unit 2 Week 2

    change, cheer, fall, five, look, open, should, their, won, yes