This semester, the third and fourth grade classes will be starting a unit I call Around the World with Cinderella.  Cinderella stories have been told for centuries, and have evolved in a variety of ways.  There are hundreds of versions of this classic fairy tale.  The typical tale we know here in U.S.A. is believed to have begun in France.
    Some stories that we will read come from Egypt, China, Germany, Ireland, Korea, England, regional parts of Africa, North America and the Carribean. ( just to name a few)
    After hearing the book read aloud, students will do research on the country of origin.  They will be engaged in a variety of activities revolving around cultural aspects of each country.
    I have just begun building a library of Cinderella stories from around the world.  If you would like to donate books for the SEARCH room, I will gladly accept them!! 
    I hope this unit will prove to be interesting, educational and enjoyable for your children.  It is one of my favorites! 
    If you have ideas or suggestions that we might use in class, please let me know!!! please let me know.  I am alway looking for good ideas!!