Grade Scale: 89.5 – 100 A, 79.5 – 89.4 B, 69.5 – 79.4 C, 59.5 – 69.4 D, 0 – 59.4 F.

    Grades will be determined by a combination of quiz and test scores, homework and classwork grades, lab grades, and a final. Grades for the semester will have the following weights: homework and classwork (40%), quizzes and tests (40%), labs (10%), and final (10%).


    • Physics: Essential Physics (second edition)

    • AP Physics 1: College Physics. Reasoning & Relationships. (second edition) Nicholas J. Giordano

    • AP Physics C: Physics for Scientists and Engineers (ninth edition) Serway/Jewett

      Classwork, Homework, and Lesson Summary: Classwork and homework will be assigned on most non-test days. A student who has missed class prior to grading or the class in which an assignment is graded must grade and turn in the classwork/homework within two days of grading or their return to school, whichever is later.

      Quizzes and Tests: A test will be given for most units. Much of the exam will cover previously learned topics. Any student missing an exam will be required to make the exam up before the next test is given. Make-up tests must be completed in one day.

      Semester Final: The semester final will be cumulative and will be similar in format to the unit tests. Any student who has taken the AP Exam may choose to exempt his or her final.

      Tutoring: In addition to class time, I will be available before school, during lunch, and after school many days for help or to allow you to make up an assignment or test. My availability may change due to meetings or other duties.

      Tardy Policy: Come to class on time! The school tardy policy is in effect and applicable to this class.

      Class Supplies: You must come to class every day with your notebook, something to write with. You will need a calculator (TI-83 Plus).

      Online Access: Current grades and upcoming assignments can be checked on the Infinite Campus link. The course curriculum, assignment sheet and class notes can be accessed on my school web site.

      Class Rules: The following are the general class rules:

    • Respect everyone else in class.

    • No food or drinks, with the exception of bottled water.

    • Wear your school ID.

    • Electronic devices (cellphones) when applicable only.

    • Stay seated until the end of class.

    • Come to class with all necessary materials and prepared to learn.


      Dear Parent:

      This syllabus is to let you and your student know about the policies and procedures in my classroom. I ask that you this below to signify that you are aware of them. Your student should return this signature page for credit. Please note the paragraph regarding Online Access. You may wish to keep current on grades and assignments through the indicated links. Assignments sheets will be given for each unit of study. If you have any questions during the school year, please give me a call at (405) 735 4800 or e-mail me at nicolaestamatin@mooreschools.com. I look forward to working with your student this school year.

      Nicolae Stamatin

      Physics Teacher

      I have read the attached syllabus and understand the policies and procedures it describes.

      Student Name: ____________________________________________________________


      Parent or Guardian: ________________________________________________________