• 2021-2022 Highland West Junior High School Band Calendar


    ** Dates on this calendar are mandatory dates.

    All dates and times are subject to change due to Covid-19 related circumstances.

    (Great care will be taken in making advance notification of changes.  Any changes will be published online, posted in the band app, emailed via Infinite Campus and sent home with your student.)


    Important Dates/Concert Performances


    Friday, October 8th:                                             8th Grade Night with SHS Band, SHS vs Putnam City Football Home Game

    Time:  TBA                                                                            

    Location:  Moore Stadium


    November, 6th:                                                   CODA Auditions (optional)

    Time:  TBA                                                             (8th grade students can audition for the all district honor band)

    Location: Edmond Santa Fe High School


    Thursday, December 9th:                                   7th Grade Beginning Band Winter Concert

    Time:  6:30pm                                                                     

    Location:  HWJH Gym


    December 10th:                                                    Jazz Band Concert (with SHS)

    Time:  7:00pm                                                     

    Location:  SHS GYM


    December 14th:                                                    8th Grade Band Winter Concert (with SRJH and SHS)

    Time:  7:00pm                                                     

    Location:  SHS GYM


    January, 7th - 8th:                                                 CODA Clinic and Concert (only for students selected)

    Time:  All-day                                                       (8th grade students perform in the district honor band)

    Location: University of Oklahoma


    April, TBA:                                                            8th Grade Band Contest and Clinic Performance

    Time:  TBA                                                             (This event will consist of during the school day event and evening concert)

    Location: SHS Auditorium


    April, TBA:                                                            Southmoore Solo and Ensemble

    Time:  TBA                                                             (8th grade students will perform solos and ensembles for individual ratings)

    Location: SHS Band Room


    May, TBA:                                                              8th Grade Band Spring Concert (with SRJH and SHS)

    Time:  7:00pm                                                                     

    Location: SHS Gymnasium


    May, TBA:                                                              7th Grade Clinic Concert (with SRJH)

    Time:  7:00pm                                                     

    Location: SHS Gymnasium

    (This clinic will be an after-lunch event. You will miss school and must meet district eligibility

    requirements to attend rehearsal.  All students are required to perform at the concert.)


    May TBA:                                                               8th Grade Band performs at Southmoore Graduation

    Time:  TBA                                                             (This is a required performance)

    Location: TBA