• Corrections/Redo Assignment Instructions

    Corrections can be made on daily assignments that are 69% or below (excluding tests or quizzes).  FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS:

    1) Do not erase your mistakes on the original paper. 

    2) Get a clean sheet of notebook paper. 

    3) Write "REDO" and title or page number on the top line. 

    4) Write your name, date, and number.

    5) Write the word or problems or question that you missed and the correct answer on this paper. 

    6) Staple the new paper on top of the original paper. 

    7) Turn in the redo paper in the absent/late work basket in your homeroom class. 

    All redo papers must be corrected and turned in by the following Monday after the assignment goes home in Thursday folders.  Late redo work will not be accepted.  Please take advantage of this redo opportunity.