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    Read and follow ALL steps

    *If you made an account last year try to sign-in with that username and password first!

    1. Create an account
    2. Capitalize the first letter of your first and last name
    3. Username: firstlast
    4. password must include numbers and letters - yourinitialsID#     ex: bh123456
    5. Choose a security question you will REMEMBER! Write it down.
    6. Use your personal e-mail
    7. Write down website, username, and password in your agenda!
    8. Select birth year and enter IDnumber
    9. Click create account at the bottom of the page
    10. Find your school Moore High School
    11. Enroll in your class! Choose the correct hour!
    12. Click on the textbook to access homework/activities
    13. Begin assignments
    14. When doing assignments there are blue icons above activities to help you.

    All assignments have an estimated time to complete. Please complete them on-time.

    Use all 8 attempts and don't enter random answers.

    Watch all videos and listen to all recordings.

    Online book. Click CONTENT and then Vtext


    *Please check this website weekly. Take a look at the calendar so you can view when you have new assignments.