• PART 2: Pick one mystery to research in depth. 

       Make the Following Slides for Your Presentation using pictures.  Spelling counts. Use your own words.  Do not copy and paste.  


    Slide #1    Title Slide
    Slide #2    Make a slide that describes the mystery.  Explain why it is a mystery. 

    Slides #3 - 10  Make 8 slides that show 8 facts about your topic. These are facts that can be proven.


    Use the following examples as a guide for determining a fact:

               NOT a fact:   An alien family from outer space lives in the Greenwood apartments.

               FACT:   Five residents of the Greenwood apartments reported to the police that they witnessed a                                           UFO land in the parking lot and an alien family from outer space exited the ship and moved                                           into apartment 210. 

    Slide #11. Make a slide decribing a theory that is a popular solution to the mystery. Explain why this theory is credible                     or not credible. 


    Slide #12.   Make a slide that states what YOU believe is the solution.  

    Slide #13. Make a slide that explains why your theory makes sense. Prove your theory with clues, evidence, or logic.


    • ********************************************************************************
    • Now read over your entire presentation.  Use spell check.  Look for words that should be capitalized. 
    • Read your sentences.   Make sure they are complete sentences and make sense. 
    • Share your slides with joycewinkler@mooreschools.com