• app pic Having trouble finding the LearnSmart app?app pic



  • Log in to your online textbook through Clever.  After you log in, it should open a page that looks something like this:

    pic 1

    What you are looking for is the blue LearnSmart icon, which sometimes will be on the first page. 

    pic 2

    Sometimes, you’ll have to go to the menu to find it. 

    pic 3

    After you click on the menu, you need to choose “resources.”

    pic 4

    Then you want to click on the “keyword search” tab and enter “Learnsmart.”  It should pull up the app, which looks like the textbook with the little blue icon in the corner.

    pic 5

    This app has a decent tutorial the first time you open it.  Just follow along with it, and after it completes, you can play around with the different parts of the LearnSmart SmartBook to see what is available. If the tutorial doesn’t pop up first, you can access it through the “help” menu option.


    Need more help?  Try this website's tutorial.