• MPS Teachers of the Year

    Teacher of the Year Process

    In September of each school year, each local school selects its site-level Teacher of the Year (TOY). Each site-level TOY is then invited to complete Part One of the District TOY application during October & November. In early December, the teacher members of the district's Professional Development Committee use a rubric to score the applications that have been submitted. Based on these scores, five finalists for District TOY are announced just prior to Winter Break. These finalists will then complete Part Two of the District TOY application during January & February. In March, the PD Committee scores the complete applications. In April, the winner of the MPS District Teacher of the Year is announced at the annual "Excellence in Education" Ceremony; this ceremony also honors the accomplishments of each site-level TOY and the five finalists for District TOY.

  • 2022-2023 Teachers of the Year

  • Tracy Hayes
    Apple Creek Elem.

    Gina Yoder
    Briarwood Elem.

    Dianne Vangundy-Babb

    Broadmoore Elem.

    Keri Thompson
    Bryant Elem.

    Sam Canaday
    Central Elem.

    Aimee Ballenger
    Earlywine Elem.

    Eden Fatkin
    Eastlake Elem.

    Alleah Herrin
    Fairview Elem.

    Heather Kovach
    Fisher Elem.

    Theresa Mosier
    Heritage Trails Elem.

    Katelyn Tanner
    Houchin Elem.

    Dylan Wise
    Kelley Elem.

  • Kathryn Scruggs
    Kingsgate Elem.

    Rebecca Birckett
    Northmoor Elem.

    Sharon Moore
    Oakridge Elem.

    Megan Williams
    Plaza Towers Elem.

    Kaylie McAllister
    Red Oak Elem.

    Rachel Loop
    Santa Fe Elem.

    Elizabeth Holt
    Sky Ranch Elem.

    Judith Osborn
    Sooner Elem.

    Heather Anderson
    South Lake Elem.

    Holli Warner
    Southgate Elem.

    Amanda Evershed
    Timber Creek Elem.

    Janice Walker
    Wayland Bonds Elem.

  • Emily Taylor
    Winding Creek Elem.

    Ashley Rice
    Brink Jr. High

    Norman Crowe
    Central Jr. High

    Lisa Nelson
    Highland East Jr. High

    Rocky Dickinson
    Highland West Jr. High

    Emily Howsden
    Moore West Jr. High

    Maranda Montgomery
    Southridge Jr. High

    Deena Dina
    Moore High

    Lisa Roberts
    Southmoore High

    Daniel Dumbleton
    Westmoore High

    Jon Owen
    Vista Academies