• Social Studies "At a Glance"

    Social Studies Chart

  • Elementary Courses

    Our America

    Symbols of America

    1st Grade:
    American Heroes

    2nd Grade:
    Our Democratic Heritage

    3rd Grade:
    Oklahoma Studies

    4th Grade:
    U.S. Regions: 
    Geography & History

    5th Grade:
    U.S. History: Colonization to Constitution

    6th Grade:
    Western Hemisphere Geography

  • Secondary Courses

    7th Grade:
    Eastern Hemisphere Geography

    8th Grade:
    U.S. History: 1754-1877

    9th Grade:
    Oklahoma History

    10th Grade:
    World History

    11th Grade:
    U.S. History: 1878-Present

    12th Grade:
    American Studies

    High School Electives

    Ethnic Studies

    International Studies

    Introduction to Law



  • Secondary Courses
    Advanced Placement

    7th Grade:
    Honors Eastern Hemisphere Geography

    8th Grade:
    Honors U.S. History: 1754-1877

    9th Grade:
    Honors Oklahoma History

    10th Grade:
    AP World History

    11th Grade:
    AP United States History

    12th Grade:
    AP United States Government & Politics

    High School AP Electives

    AP European History

    AP Human Geography

    AP Psychology

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