Out of District Activities for Educational PD

  • Effective December 11, 2017 , a new Out of District transfer process began for all PD eligible MPS employees who attend out of district trainings/activities or complete out of district webinars.  When earning out of district professional development, use Thrive Transfers option to enter and upload a copy of the agenda or certificate of the attended event, along with other necessary information.  The PD office will no longer input your Out of District PD activity into Thrive for you, unless you are a new teacher to the District and are submitting PD transcript from your previous district. Please review the step-by-step instructions attachment to enter your Out of District PD points transfer request.    How to submit Out of District PD

    If you have a blank blue ribbon task bar on your Thrive page, and cannot see the words Transfer/Propose Transfer, you must do the following...  on the upper right corner of your screen, right under the X that closes the window, you will see 3 dots in a vertical line.  Click on those dots.

    6 rows down you will see Zoom, a minus sign, a percentage and a plus sign.  Click on the minus sign once, or twice if needed, to reduce the amount of zoom on your screen.  This will allow the Thrive Blue Ribbon Task bar to now display your task options (Home Catalog Programs Transfers).  You can now click on Transfers and then on Propose Transfer.

    This new automatic process has been streamlined for your convenience; for example, you will not use the existing hard to read Out of District form, just fill in the information online.  Also, the existing hard to read out of district form and copies of conference agendas or certificates will not need to be sent to the PD department for processing.  Everything you need to propose your out of district professional development are in the details on the certificate or agenda from the PD event.  It’s just that easy! 

    All Out of District professional development (PD) activity forms that had been received prior to December of 2017 by inter-office mail or emailed have been completed and returned to you by interoffice mail for your permanent records. 



    April Nordstrom
    Professional Development Secretary
    Moore Public Schools (ASC-Room 239)
    1500 SE 4th  Street
    Moore, Ok 73160
    Direct Line: 405-735-4284