Mr. Salsman

    8th Grade Language Arts (Writing)

    Room 409

    Course Description

    This year we will study various forms of literature and the four modes of writing. We will also focus on building and expanding vocabulary while strengthening writing skills by following the stages of the writing process. To compliment writing, we will have regular grammar review.

    Required Class Materials

    In order to be successful, you will need to bring the following materials with you to class each day:

    1.      Three-subject notebook                                     5. Black Pen                       

    2.      Mechanical Pencils                                             6. Agenda  

    3.      Red Pen                                                            7. Chromebook (Beginning in September)

    4.      Science Toolkit              

    Class Expectations

    1.      Be prepared                                                      4. No food or drinks

    2.      Be respectful                                                     5. Cell phones are to be turned off and put away.                                                                                                                                                                      

    3.      Be on time                                                        6. Follow handbook rules and classroom procedures.                                                                                                               


    Should a student digress, she or he will have chosen to accept the following consequences

    1.      Warning

    2.      Conference with student

    3.      Detention

    4.      Two detentions

    5.      Referral

    Late Work

    Work that is turned in late will only be valued at 70%. Beyond that, the grade will be recorded as a zero.

    Make-up Work

    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to communicate with me in order to get any work that you missed. You will be given the same number of days you were absent to make up work assigned while you were gone.


    Agendas will be kept up to date. Specific class information (assignments, quizzes, tests, deadlines, etc.) should be recorded.

    Student Assignments

    In order for a student to receive full credit, all assignments must have the student’s name, date, hour, and assignment description written in the upper-right hand corner of his or her paper. We will complete assignments and lessons on paper and/or by utilizing several online learning resources to include: Canvas, Clever, and Studysync.

    Bell Work

    On most days, students will be given an assignment to be completed immediately when the bell sounds. The assignments will consist of journal entries, editing exercises, articles as well as grammar review.

    Silent-Sustained Reading

    Students will be given an opportunity to participate in silent sustained reading, typically one day per week.

    Extra Work

    Bring a novel to read each day for reading when you have finished your assignment(s).

    Classroom Supplies

    This is a list of important, much-needed supplies that will be used throughout the year to help establish a safe and productive learning environment. Please refer to your class hour. I appreciate it so much.

    1st Hour—Plain White Copy Paper

    2nd Hour—Mechanical Pencils

    4th  Hour—Box of Kleenex

    5th Hour—Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

    6th Hour—Bottle of Hand Sanitizer


    I look forward to an amazing year with you, a year full of promise and discovery as we make the best of each day, of each opportunity, establishing and maintaining a positive community of learning and mutual respect! Please sign and date the form and return it to me by Monday, August 17. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me by email at travissalsman@mooreschools.com.


    Student Name____________________________________                   Date_______________

    Parent/Guardian__________________________________                   Date_______________