Mrs. Trump's Student's Supply List

  • Hello Parents!

    I may request for additional supplies as the year continues. There may be special crafts that require additional supplies (t-shirt, etc.) that I will inform you about as the school year progresses. Please purchase the hygiene items for your child (we practice hygiene daily as a functional skill). 

    Here is a list of school supplies we will be using for the 2019-2020 school year:

    1- pkg. Play-Doh

    4- glue sticks

    1- bottle glue

    4- dry erase markers

    2- paint dabbers

    4- crayola crayons (8-count)

    2- pkg. baby wipes

    1- facial tissues

    1- clorox/lysol wipes (boys)

    1- zip-top sandwich-size bags (girls)

    personal resusable water bottle (with cap)

    Classroom Snacks*

    Extra change of clothes in zip-top bag**

    Hygiene items:  

    • 4- toothbrushes (1 for each 9 weeks) 
    • 2- tubes of toothpaste 
    • 2- deodorants 
    • 1- hairbrush/comb


    *Classroom Snacks- once I am aware of allergies of our students, I will send a recommended snack list. I ask that each student donate snacks through out the year of the class.

    **Extra change of clothes- Extra clothes can remain in your child's backpack. This just saves parents a trip to the school if we have accidents or get extra messy. :) 


    View a printable version below:

    Apple Creek School Supply List