• Period 1 is worth 5% of the AP Exam. This period will be covered in approximately 7 class days.

    The College Board uses key concepts to denote the testable material for each period. The full, detailed version of these concepts are located here. Please take the time to know these concepts, as anything mentioned is fair game for the AP Exam.

    Key Concept 1.1— As native populations migrated and settled across the vast expanse of North America over time, they developed distinct and increasingly complex societies by adapting to and transforming their diverse environments.

    Key Concept 1.2— Contact among Europeans, Native Americans, and Africans resulted in the Columbian Exchange and significant social, cultural, and political changes on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Period 1 Homework and Test Calendar

  • Period 1 Key Terms/IDs

    Key terms will be due at the conclusion of each period on the test date, unless otherwise specified. These terms will be worth 100 points per period, and will be an invaluable study tool as we get closer to the AP exam in May. Each term should include the information provided on Quizlet. You have two options to receive the credit for key terms: 1. Create a notecard for each term using the definition on Quizlet and any additional relevant information from the book or 2. Create a Quizlet account, join my class by clicking here, and complete LEARN, FLASHCARD, and one other method of your choice by 8:20am on the due date. If not completed before 8:20am, no credit will be given.

    Chapter 1

    1. Paleo-Indians
    2. Archaic Era
    3. Aztec
    4. Capitalism
    5. Humanists
    6. Reformation
    7. Spanish Inquisition
    8. Columbian Exchange
    9. Encomienda system
    10. Early African slave trade
    11. Anasazi/Pueblo Dwellers
    12. Mound Builders
    13. Eastern Woodlands

    Chapter 2

    1. Quakers
    2. Puritans
    3. Pilgrims
    4. Mayflower Compact
    5. John Winthrop’s A City On A Hill
    6. Jamestown

    PDF for students using notecards

    Instructions for physical notecards: Define the above terms using the definition provided. Then, find one additional piece of information from the textbook.

  • Period 1 Reading Guides and Assignments

    The following reading guides go along with Visions of America (green textbook). The links will lead you to some of the nightly homework readings - the Opposing Viewpoints articles. If you need hard copies of the Opposing Viewpoints, please see me in class before the reading is due. Along with the nightly readings attached below you will need to complete an article review sheet, attached here. Without this article review sheet, you will not be permitted to complete the in class assignment associated with the reading. Anticipation Guides will always be handed out in class, but if you are absent the day it is given out you must print your own AG, or see me before the absence.

    Reading Guides

    Chapter 1 Anticipation Guide

    Chapter 2 Anticipation Guide


    1491 | Article Review Sheet

    Cahokia: Pre Columbian American City | Article Review Sheet

    Seasons of Want and Plenty | Article Review Sheet

  • Period 1 Lectures/Powerpoints

    The following links will navigate you to PDF files of the in-class lectures. The inclusion of these notes below should not be considered as a substitute for taking notes and paying attention in class.  These notes are provided so that you have access to visual images used in class as well as for absent students to get caught up.

    When Worlds Collide (PDF)

    Colonial Conquests Part 1 (PDF)

Period 1 Helpful Links/Study Materials