• Period 2 is worth 10% of the AP Exam. This period will be covered in approximately 13 class days.

    The College Board uses key concepts to denote the testable material for each period. The full, detailed version of these concepts are located here. Please take the time to know these concepts, as anything mentioned is fair game for the AP Exam.

    Key Concept 2.1— Europeans developed a variety of colonization and migration patterns, influenced by different imperial goals, cultures, and the varied North American environments where they settled, and they competed with each other and American Indians for resources.

    Key Concept 2.2— The British colonies participated in political, social, cultural, and economic exchanges with Great Britain that encouraged both stronger bonds with Britain and resistance to Britain’s control.

Period 2 Homework and Test Calendar

  • Period 2 Key Terms/IDs

    Key terms will be due at the conclusion of each period on the test date, unless otherwise specified. These terms will be worth 100 points per period, and will be an invaluable study tool as we get closer to the AP exam in May. Each term should include the information provided on Quizlet. You have two options to receive the credit for key terms: 1. Create a notecard for each term using the definition on Quizlet and any additional relevant information from the book or 2. Create a Quizlet account, join my class by clicking here, and complete LEARN, FLASHCARD, and one other method of your choice by 8:20am on the due date. If not completed before 8:20am, no credit will be given.

    Chapter 2

    1. Bacon’s Rebellion
    2. Metacom’s War/King Philip’s War
    3. Pueblo Revolt
    4. Glorious Revolution
    5. Mercantilism

    Chapter 3

    1. Enlightenment
    2. Great Awakening
    3. Anglicization
    4. Colonial government/American identity
    5. Salutary neglect
    6. Virtual representation
    7. Old Lights/New Lights
    8. Middle passage
    9. Indentured servants
    10. Middle Ground
    11. Colonial regions (New England, Mid-Atlantic, Chesapeake, Lower South)
    12. French and Indian War
    13. Proclamation of 1763
    14. Paxton Boys
    15. Pontiac’s Rebellion

    PDF for students using physical notecards

    Instructions for physical notecards: Define the above terms using the definition provided. Then, find one additional piece of information from the textbook.

  • Period 2 Lectures/Powerpoints

    The following links will navigate you to PDF files of the in-class lectures. The inclusion of these notes below should not be considered as a substitute for taking notes and paying attention in class.  These notes are provided so that you have access to visual images used in class as well as for absent students to get caught up.

     Colonial Conquests Pt. 2 (PDF)

    American Enlightenment Thinkers

Period 2 Helpful Links/Study Materials