• Grades & Attendance

    Parents and students can access current grades and attendance information using Infinite Campus. It's also available as a free mobile app.

    The login information for Infinite Campus will be unique as it does not fall under the MPS single sign-on system. Students should already have an account by default and can log in using their student ID number as both the username and password. Students will be required to create their own password after the first login. Some students may have already done this in previous school years. If those students have forgotten their password, they will need to use the link on the login page to reset their password.

    Parents can access the same information for all of their children from their own account, but they must first create an account. Due to FERPA confidentiality standards, parents must contact the school registrar in order to set up an account. Alternatively, parents can just use their child's login to access the information.