Ms. Trump's Grading

  • Parents,

    All of our students are working at different academic and ability levels. In order to grade fairly for each individual child, I will grade across three areas: Support Level, Attending Effort, and Percentage of Mastery. Each area will be graded on a zero (0) to five (5) scale. The grades from each of the three areas will be added together to determine the overall assignment grade. A brief description is given below, if you would like more details please message me.  

    SUPPORT LEVEL- the amount of help a child needs on an assignment.

    SCALE: zero (0) being non-compliant to five (5) being independent, with the exception of accommodations the child needs to be successful (picture support, calculator usage, reading instruction, etc.- individualized to the student). 

    ATTENDING EFFORT- the amount an effort a child gives on a work task.

    SCALE: zero (0) being refusal to work to five (5) being completely willing to work without prompts to stay on task.

    PERCENTAGE MASTERY- the amount of correct answers out of total questions on a work task.

    SCALE: zero (0) = below 50% of the work was correct

      one (1) between 51% - 60% of the work was correct

      two (2) between 61% - 70% of the work was correct

      three (3) between 71% - 80% of the work was correct

      four (4) between 81% -90% of the work was correct

      five (5) meaning over 91% of the work was correct.

    There will be at least two (2) grades given per week, per subject, that school is in session. 

    Most work will be completed at school on our Smart Board, tablets, computers, and hands on manipulatives; therefore, you may not receive a lot of papers at home but be assured we are working hard in class. When you receive a worksheet, your child’s overall score will be circled at the top of the page.