Chaney's Reading Syllabus



    About Me

    I have taught school for 24 years.  I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma with an English Degree in 1995 as well as an Education Certification Degree in 1996.   I attended New York University with emphasis on Beatnik Writings and Poem Artistry.  I also went through special training at Oklahoma University pertaining to English Teaching Methods focusing on Advanced Placement and did Master Work in Human Relations.

         I believe in treating children with respect and dignity and expect the same in return.  I have a sense of humor and enjoy classroom discussions.  I want everyone to have a voice in class, and I expect those voices to be kind and considerate of each other.   



    Mission For The Class

    To raise reading levels of students to grade level or more. 


    To promote the love of reading and learning.


    To instill pride in students for themselves and their work.


    To provide a safe haven for learning.


    To share my love for books, travel and learning with students.


    To teach students to become life-long readers and learners.




    Grading Scale:    Daily Assignments:  40%

                                 Tests, Quizzes, Projects:  50%

                                 Final/Semester Test: 10%



    Assignments/Canvas Policy:


    The agenda is on the wall in the classroom and on Canvas Homepage.


    Each Monday students will write the class assignment/assessment plans into their personal agenda as required for all Brink Junior High students.


    Students will have assignments, quizzes…etc that are mostly on Canvas, and they will also have work in the classroom that utilize their paper and Brink tool bag supplies. All grades in Infinite Campus/Parent Portal App will be the full grade for class.  A Canvas average will not show for the class.  The class average will show for Infinite Campus, since it is the actual grade book.


    Late Work Policy:  10 pts off per day late up to 30 pts.  You have a week to turn in late work.


    Redo Policy:

    Note that all students can re-do some assignments and assessments for full credit within the week the assignment was issued. I want all students to be able to learn from the mistakes.  This policy is designed for the student's grades to show what they have learned after those mistakes have been corrected.


    Rules for Re-Do:

    1. Weds. at 7:20 a.m. and 2:20 p.m. in classroom.  There is no sign-up.  Just come in ready to work on eligible assignments/assessments with me.  **Redo work is an opportunity for any needed tutoring as well as grade increasing.
    2. Students will come in knowing what they are going to redo.  Keep graded papers, and/or check portal before coming in to redo and have a list of eligible work (work assigned within a week), (on portal I put a “redo by” date if that item is open to redo; If there is not a “redo deadline date,” It is not open for redo). . 
    3. Extended items such as book quizzes or simple memorization items such as vocabulary quizzes etc. are not open for redo. *Always check portal for redo eligibility next to the title.  If there is not a date to redo by, it is not eligible for redo.

    **If you come in not knowing what you need to redo, you will not be able to stay. (This is very important.  With sometimes over 30 children at a time coming in to redo, I do not have time to stop helping prepared students to figure out what 1 student might need to be redoing.)

    Redo’s are only for work that was turned in by the due date...not missing, late or incomplete work.



    Discipline Expectations and Procedures

         All students are expected to act respectfully toward all school personnel, visitors, and students, including themselves.


    1. Do Right. Follow the rules.  Make good choices.  Set an example for others to follow. 
    1. Do Unto Others.... Be nice.  Play fair.  Show respect to everyone. 
    1. Do your job. Try.  Try again.  Make yourself, your class, your teacher, and your school exceptional.


    Any behavioral choices will be handled as quickly and appropriately as possible:


    Cell Phone Policy/Smart Watches Etc: 

    Cell phones and all wearable smart devices must be powered completely off and in your backpack unless the cell phone caddy is needed specifically for you. *Silence is not efficient for class.




    Behavior and Cell Phone/Wearable Smart Devices Discipline Procedures:

    Informal Conference……….teacher/student discussion of the issue

    Lunch Detention.. ………….10 mins. served during lunchtime; parent contact

    AM/PM Detention ………….30 mins. Am/pm detention & parent contact

    Referral to Principal       

    Formal conference with teacher/student/principal



    Tardy Policy: (All tardies are counted in attendance record.)

    Discipline for Tardiness:

    1st: Warning, Recorded 

    2nd: Parent Contact, Recorded

    3rd: Parent Contact and am/pm Detention; Recorded

    4th-5th:  Recorded

    6th +: Principal Notified; Recorded


    Extra Credit:

    Extra credit will be issued as whole class opportunities. 

    They will come in the form of extra readings, extra portions to assignments, extra presentations etc.

    Students, do not ask for individual extra credit; it will not be issued.  Instead, see redo policy for procedures for you to earn better credit on selected work when available.


    The link to the MPS Student Handbook: