• Mrs. Weaver's Classroom Policies and Procedures


    Entering class procedures:

    1.  Put cell phone in pocket coordinating with your seat number.  Phone screen must face the wall and be on silent! NO CELL PHONE POLICY!

    2.  Sharpen pencil if needed.

    3.  Turn in any homework from the day before or absent/late work in to the appropriate basket and be seated. 

    4.  Get composition notebook out and begin answering your bell work that will be on the smartboard.  If it is Monday, copy what is on the smartboard into your agenda.

    5.  When the bell rings, all students must be in their seat, or they are counted TARDY! 2 TARDIES = 1 ABSENCE!

    6.  If you are TARDY, you have to sign in at the "TARDY TO THE PARTY" sheet at the front of the room.


    Class time procedures:

    1.  No talking when I am talking or when another student is talking!

    2.  Remain in your seat unless you have permission to be up.

    3.  Sharpen pencil only when allowed (after an assigment has been given or no one is speaking)

    4.  Politely raise hand to ask or answer questions! Do not shout out answers!  Learning to properly speak and listen are part of your 8th grade standards.


    Exiting class procedures:

    1.  You will either be released by row to get your cell phones, or you will receive them by turning in an exit ticket.  Not everyone will rush to the organizer together.

    2.  Desks will be straight, and nothing left under them.  

    3.  You will be RELEASED BY THE TEACHER, NOT THE BELL.  Remain in your seat until you are released!


    Make- up work procedure and policy:

    1.  Come into the room and pick up your work from the appropriate folder.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PICK IT UP! (OR PRINT WHAT IS AVAILABLE ON MY WEBSITE!)

    2.  You have as many days as you are gone PLUS 1 to turn it in to the absent tray!


    Late work procedure and policy:

    1.  I will only take late work up to 1 WEEK past the due date!  After that, it is a "0."

    2.  When you turn in late work, turn it in the "BETTER LATE THAN NEVER" tray!