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    Senior Quote Flyer Click Here 

    As a senior, you will be allowed a space in the yearbook for senior quote.
    Generally, quotes include a favorite saying or inspiration.

    Remember that whatever you write is in print for all to see forever and (even) US Congress hearings.

    Take it seriously; it’s how everyone will remember you!
    To assist you the following are guidelines:

    1. Each senior is limited to 152 characters.
    Periods, commas, exclamation points, spaces, etc. are all counted as characters.
    Everyone gets the same space.

    2. No initials are allowed. No numbers, except for years or dates.

    4. Proper English must be used. No foreign languages. Use “love” (not “luv”), “you” (not “u”). Remember that “you are” is “you’re” (not “your”). Do not use slang.

    5. No abbreviations (unless the meaning is obvious, such as WHS).

    6. YOU CAN’T USE ALL UPPERCASE LETTERS. you can’t use all lowercase letters.

    7. Youcan’trunyourwordstogetherwithnospaces.

    8. You/can’t/use/slashes/or/other/characters/to/replace/spaces.

    9. Sentences must end with punctuation. Phrases must be separated by commas.

    10. Objectionable/inappropriate entries will be deleted.

    DEADLINE IS Friday , November 22, 2019

    See Mrs. DeLong with any questions or email westmoorejags2019@gmail.com

    If you need a printed form please contact Mrs. DeLong (Publications/Journalism Room – east side of cafeteria commons)