Zen Kids Small Group was created to help students identify healthy activities that they may be interested in to help create outlets for their emotions and behaviors. The small group focus is to help children find activities they like that will help them feel less stressed, relaxed and calmThe small group incorporates multiple learning styles and multiples learning intelligences-Visual Spatial, Bodily-kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Linguistic, and Logical –Mathematical. 

    Zen Kids is a flexible and optional small group of 8-12 students, during recess.  Students may volunteer or teachers may suggest students who may benefit from learning new outlets.  Activities are brief 10-15 minutes, as this is during recess, and students may want recess time as well.  Students are welcome to stay longer, if they wish. This group is flexible, as eacweek may be a different group of students.   

    Each month will be a different activity incorporating different learning styles and learning intelligences. Parents may find activity focus for each month on the Red Oak counselor webpage.  Activities include:   

    Kid Yoga – use of kid friendly & school appropriate basic stretching videos which can be found on www.gonoodle.com and youtube. 

    Creative Coloring/Art - Using coloring pages that are very detailed. Much like the adult coloring books that have become popular. Or using paint, clay and other art supplies to create their own art. 

    Bust a Move - using www.gonoodle dance steps/videos to incorporate dancing to relax and have fun! 

    Music on My Mind – using music as an outlet. 

    Book It – providing a space and time to simply enjoy reading a good book.  

    Write Away- use of creative writing, journaling and writing prompts. 

    Walk & Talk- simply walk and talk with a trusted friend or adult. 

    Game Day-using board games, card games, and puzzles. 

    Just Breath- learning deep breathing skills using visuals and videos that can be found on www.gonoodle. 


    2018-19 Zen Kids Monthy Focus

    December 2018- Kid Yoga

    January 2019 - Creative Coloring/Art

    Febuary-2019 Bust a Move & Music on My Mind

    March 2019- Book It & Write Away

    April 2019- Walk & Talk and Just Breath

    May 2019 - Game Day