• Welcome to VISTA Academy,

    Reflecting on the achievements VISTA Academy accomplished this past year, in spite of the obstacles of the Pandemic, I can truly say I have never seen a school year which presented such difficulty and uncertainty. However, all of you, moved forward with courage and determination to be successful despite unsurmountable odds.

    Having to constantly wear masks, maintain social distances, not be able to drink from the water fountain, and in some cases, quarantine at home added to the anxiety and angst of this school year. An unprecedented snowstorm in February, added to the challenges and required all of you to have to learn virtually from home. Please know, that during those virtual days, the walls of this school were hollow, the corridors were empty, and the classrooms were lifeless without you. Each of you has contributed to the culture of this school by giving second chances, apologizing, respecting, keeping promises, never giving up, encouraging one another, and laughing with each other. Sometimes what we call “failure” is really just that necessary struggle called education. I applaud your struggle and tenacity and I am proud to be your principal.

    I look forward to this year so we can get more students back into the classroom and get on with the business of learning.

    Hart Brown