• Together - the Lion Pride, Jaguar Pride, and SaberCat Pride raised $207,370.87! These amounts are phenomenal.

    SaberCat Pride Final Jaguar Pride Final Lion Pride Final


  • Together, VISTA Academy ($685.00) and Administration Offices ($21,909.00) raised $22,594.00. This amount will be divided three ways and added to the totals for each feeder pattern.

    The top fundraising elementary schools are: Oakridge, Winding Creek, and South Lake!

    Note: We select an elementary school per feeder pattern since there are 25 schools.

    The top fundraising junior high school is: Southridge!

    The top fundraising high school is: Southmoore!

    The top fundraising school overall is: Southmoore!

    The top fundraising feeder pattern is: SaberCat Pride!


    Awards will be presented to our winning schools and principals in March or April.


    Press Release - Thursday, March 11, 2021: "Moore Love Reaches Fundraising Success Amid Challenging Year" (pdf)


  • Image announcing recipients who are the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank and Moore Firefighters Santa Express

    The Moore Love committees at Moore, Westmoore, and Southmoore high schools are leading the charge again this year and will work with their respective feeder junior high and elementary schools to collaborate on events and fundraising. As you know and may be dealing with also, there are many economic, health, and social challenges this year. Therefore, we believed it was best to limit our recipients to only two important organizations so we can help them as best as possible. After interviews, consideration, and discussions - students and leadership selected our 2020-2021 Moore Love Recipients: The Regional Food Bank, Backpack for Kids program and Moore Firefighters Santa Express! 


    • Regional Food Bank: Moore Public Schools (MPS) works with the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank to provide food items in backpacks for approximately 700 of our elementary students. These students do not have food to sustain them during the weekend and this program helps fulfill this need. There are also food pantries at many junior high and high schools for the older students. No child should be without food or go hungry. Website:

    • Moore Firefighters Santa Express: This organization has been meeting the needs of our district’s students and families for almost 40 years. They provide needs such as clothing, food, bedding, or other living needs as shared with them by our school counselors. Their goal is to not only help the low-income families but to help the families who may just be going through a tough time due to loss of employment, family illness, or another personal catastrophe. Website:


    BIG thanks to the student leadership from OU Dance Marathon (formerly Soonerthon) for their mentorship this year with our high school students. They will assist with event planning and fundraisers. 

    Some of our schools have already started fundraising, which is great. Our big fundraising month and non-stop fun celebrations will be February 2021! More detailed information will be provided very soon. If you have questions, please contact your principal; your high school Moore Love Adviser: Moore - Taylor McCoy and Deena Dina, Westmoore - Melinda Parks and Scott Helton, Southmoore - Brook Lehew; or MPS Communications Director - Dawn Jones.

    We are excited to share that the 2019-2020 Moore Love fundraising campaign was the most successful year yet, with more than $240,000 raised for our recipients: Regional Food Bank, Ally’s House, Soonerthon/Children’s Hospital, and the Moore Faith Medical Clinic. Many thanks to our students, staff, families, and patrons for reaching that phenomenal goal and giving back to these organizations who continue to help members of our community every day!



    Moore Love logo

    Moore Love Press Release: Friday, March 6, 2020 - READ THE FULL RELEASE (pdf)


    MOORE, OK — Moore Public Schools (MPS) students, staff, parents/guardians, and friends united as one fundraising powerhouse to help fight hunger, heal hurts, and find cures. In its third year, the districtwide philanthropic initiative more than doubled the amount raised last year.

    Collectively, the 35 schools and administrative offices raised more than $240,000, for this year’s four recipients. The donations will be given to recipients within the next two weeks, amounts will be: The Oklahoma Regional Food Bank, $55,000 – fully funds this year and provides additional funds for 2020-2021; Moore Faith Medical Clinic, $60,000; Soonerthon, $60,000 – all donations will be given to the Children’s Hospital; and Ally’s House, $60,000. 

    “Due to selfless hearts and compassion to help others – our schools were able to give back to four recipients who have given so much to our schools and community. This is nothing short of extraordinary and is a testament of how our community unites to help each other,” said Dr. Robert Romines, Superintendent of MPS.  ...

Moore Love 2019

  • Moore Love 2018-2019 was a huge success! THANK YOU to our amazing students, staff, parents and communities for raising $116,030.50 for The Sparrow Project, The Mary Abbott Children's House, and the Regional Food Bank/Backpack for Kids Program!